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  1. Default Opinions about a few rigs

    First I'm new here. Great site, spent hours last night reading some great posts. Background info: totally newbie to fly fishing. I'm usually chasing bass thru the slop.

    I have been wanting to get a fly fishing rig for a while. So yesterday while I was cruising BPS for bass items I saw they had a couple combos on sale. I have searched this site best I can and have found little info on either.

    I wanted a trout rod ( Bennett Springs State park ) that can be used for pan fish also. If that is a bad idea let me that too.

    This is what I took home, $200 for both with case, line, leader , etc


    This was the other $200 combo they had for sale.
    cv2 combo

    The 270 rod felt great.

    My question is I can find little info on the 270 reel. The BPS reviews are very split. half say it is worthless, half say it great. People complain about the drag seizing up because it is not sealed. One selling point was the 270 supposedly had a better drag than the cv2. Being a bass guy that was always a big factor in my bass reels.

    The CV2 reel has better reviews but I like the 270 rod a little better. Could live with either rod. Reels seem to be the deciding factor here.

    Choices I have

    1) fish what I bought, if it proves to be a bad reel I can always buy a reel down the road. The sale price was $150 off so I would not be taking to much a beating

    2) return and get the cv2

    3)Go to and maybe look into a rs4 or red2fly setup.

    I don't mind spending more than a true beginner setup. I just like to buy once and be happy. I don't want to be working on a reel when I should b fishing !!!

    Thanks in advance


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    IMO try it out...for a beginner fly will work good enough to learn if you like fly fishing it won't be your last did not say what's your level of fly casting...I learned 50 years ago on a 7 foot south bend spinning rod

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    I have the 270 series rod and reel in a 4wt and love them, they cast really well for middle of the road priced rod and reel is solid! For the money I'm not sure there is a better set up out there. I guided on the san juan for 2.5 years and that was one of my loaner rods and reels. Several of my clients went out and bought that set up after having fished it.

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    Default Re: Opinions about a few rigs

    I wouldn't worry too much about the reel. Its drag will likely only come into play when fighting a 2lb+ fish in moving water.

    In fact, I'd say the item from that kit that most likley needs upgrading is the line. I used to work for BPS and those lines ain't the greatest.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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