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    anyone know where i could get a J.bernard & son fly fishing reels value ? Who to call or ask? recently bought it at a sale and its in a leather case. Sorry guys not a fly fisherman but do love to fish the Chesapeake Bay for Stripers

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    Not at all my area, but I believe that J.Bernard & Son was a retailer and not a manufacturer and the reels that they sold were rebranded much as a Cabela's reel would be today. The actual manufacturer and model would matter a lot more than the J.Bernard name.

    Open it up and see if on the back plate of the frame there is a "D" and a number
    That would mean it's a Dingley with the model number

    Then go to one of the "classic" fly rod forums (bamboo or fiberglass) and look for "Bulldog". He'd know.
    Or perhaps you could try our sister UK Fly Forum here Fly Fishing Forums.
    Pictures and measurements will help either way
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    Im sure if you posted some pictures and all the information you have about the reel, someone here would probably be able to help out.

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