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    This is what I do... In first slot...grip side up....middle two thin side up.....last slot.....tip up....per Sage CUstomer Service. "remember it's like mastering a role cast, once you do, you feel a sence of accomplishment" again per Sage CS. Still makes me laugh.

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    Lol, the rod tube was probably designed by a manufacturer that doesn't know a fly rod from a fly swatter. Save the hassle and just pick up a aftermarket tube. They are nicer anyways. I like the Cabelas cordurra or the triangle TFO tubes.

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    Default Re: Sage Customer Service...Ugh

    I bought a VT-2 rod almost 4 years ago. I sent them a letter about the rod and am still waiting for the reply. The rod was fine and the letter...............?? Who knows, I think they blew me off and I fish with my old rods. When I get a hankering for a different rod I buy a new old one. The expert who designs the tubes for sage will not be living very well because of me I guess. Honestly, had they responded to my inquiry I may have bought more rods. I sold the one I had and went on as always.

    On a side note: Recently I sent a 1968 Orvis Full Flex fiber glass rod back to Orvis. I wanted something fixed and although I figured I could do it I wanted the rod to be original Orvis, including any fixes. So what do suppose happened? After about a week I get an e-mail from Jim West at Orvis, he has put a note and his phone number in the message. I call him and he explains how he is going to deal with this antique to me. It turns out that Jim has been with that company almost 45 years and built these rods. He is a friend of Ron White who built 2 bamboo rods for me and is now retired after almost 50 years with the company.

    He was a wonderful guy to talk with and didn't try to get rid of me from the phone. He talked about the old rods and their actions and ended the call by telling me he would fix the rod the next day himself and there would be no charge. I have been owning Orvis rods since 1979 and reels since 83', never have I had any problems with the service even though I needed it sparsely over the years. However when I have had needs they have left me with nothing but good things to say about their products & services.


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    I don't own any Sage or Orvis rods, however if I were to choose between the 2 I will take the Orvis. The only thing that turns me off with Orvis is I wish they would focus less on clothing and more on just fly fishing. That wont affect my decision to purchase from them though. I have some of their lines and they are some of my favorites.

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    I typically use bigger strippers on the rods I make for myself, and on a few they only go smoothly in the case one way. But what is a tight fit one way, goes in no hitch another. I would bet that if you look close at their directions i.e. the direction the pcs. go in the sock and the direction the guides face, it will fit. Now in my best M. C. Hammer voice.... I like big guides and that I cannot lie...

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