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tie one on 12-03-2007 07:54 PM

Tube Flies vs big streamers ??
Read an article in Fly Fisherman that was on tube flies. (Never
tied any of them, or used any of them.) The article mentioned
that steelhead have a harder time spitting out the hook on these
flies because they are usually tied with smaller scud type hooks.

Anyone use these type of flies ? Do you find that once hooked
the fish typically won't spit the hook ? Do you need a special
rig for your vise to tie these flies ? (I use a Peak vise, I'll have
to check their website. )

Do big fish, like steelhead tend to chew up these flies easier
since they are tied on plastic tubing ? How are the materials
cost wise with typical fly materials ? Are the more expensive
to tie up the normal flies ?

Anything ideas ?

Always in the water,
Tie One On

sandfly 12-04-2007 11:31 AM

Re: Tube Flies vs big streamers ??
I have used tubes for steel and saltwater for around 20 years now....They get down if you tie them on metal buy a special tool or make one.. I don't think they chew on them any more than a regular fly. I like to use a siwash or circle hook with them..whats nice is the fish cant use the body to help dilodge the hook..the hooks are short shanked..

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