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Thread: Beach Trip

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    Hey all,

    So im headed to the outerbanks NC in a couple weeks, and i was wondering how my cheap shakespear rod will do there. Im currently using a 4 pound tippet and 6 pound leader on a line of uncertain strength. Its an 8 foot rod meant for freshwater im sure.

    Would it not even be worth using this rod off the coast? Im sure at some point i would land a fish over a few pounds and snap the line. Or would the saltwater corrode the eye hoops on the rod?


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    Andy, I'm pretty sure most 8' fly rods made were meant for fresh water use only.
    I used a similar rod in the salt water for many years however because I didn't really care if it corroded or not.
    If you rinse your rod off with fresh water, it shouldn't be a problem. Your reel however will need much more attention to survive. It will need to be rinsed after every trip and oiled as well too.
    I'm going to assume that your Shakespear rod is a 6 weight because most "cheap" rods are. That's really light for all but the smallest saltwater fish.
    If your rod happens to be an Uglystick that's a different story. They made those for big game and are meant to take abuse.
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