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    Default Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    I stopped at a wide spot along a river i fish in front of this house to ask permission if i could fish and park there.When pulling over i notcied someone had threw out beer cans in the spot so i picked them up and put them in my truck and went to ask if i could park and fish.The owner told me yes and that i did not have to pick up those cans, my answer was i didn't want you think i done it and that would always pick them up.Turns out he owned more than a quarter mile of the river and i had access.This was in 1994,fast forward 18yrs i went to fish my favorite spot and i find that it is posted ,Howard had passed away a few years back but his wife let me fish and now it was posted but had her number to call so i tried and had no luck contacting her i decided not to fish there til i was sure i could.I kept trying to contact her and after 2 weeks she called me back and told me she remembered Howard saying how nice it was that i picked those beer cans and put them in my own truck and that she remembered that i had fished there for so long she was going to write me permission to fish there again.Then she told me her reason for posting the property and yes it was people throwing out trash, trespassing,spotlighting her fields and killing deer. Clean up it helps years later!

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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    That's what it's all about! Good for you and hope you have many more years at your spot. Simple courtesy and common sense go a long way. Clean it up , keep it clean goes a long way!
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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    I added some rep for such an inspiring story. Very cool! (accidentally hit enter when I was trying to write this on your rep comment. That is why it just says, "I")
    "By the time I was a teenager I fit the standard profile of a lifelong angler. I was lazy, shiftless, unambitious and willing to work hard only at things that were widely considered useless." ~John Gierach

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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    Shannon: Great story, thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    nice job shannon!
    enjoyed the story too.



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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    Just the kind of little story I enjoy reading

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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    Good work on the cleanup and equally important, for asking for permission to fish FIRST.

    I was in a bar having dinner with a bud a couple of years ago and there was a farmer in there telling his friends a story about how he caught a couple of guys turkey hunting on his posted property.

    Long story short, the farmer ended the story by saying..."all these guys needed to do was to ask me for permission. Since they were sneaky about getting on the property, they are not to return without consequence."
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    Default Re: Trash Clean Up Pays Off

    Great job Shannon! What goes around comes around. Congrats man!

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
    Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from bad decisions...

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