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    Default small lakes/ponds

    There's a small pond near our neighborhood that was dug out to make a toll road (Northwest Parkway for those that live in the area). I found out it was stocked with fish a few weeks ago and have been itching to get out and try my fly setup. So anyways we get there and I see several fish near the shore in some thick algae and the hatch is in full swing.

    So I grabbed the closest dry fly I could find to the hatch (BWO size 16) and start casting around the outskirts of the algae. But quickly noticed that the trout would come up and inspect the fly but not take. There were plenty of fish sipping the flies from the surface.

    I thought about changing to something subsurface but was worried about the presentation with all the algae around.

    What do you guys typically do in this situation? Also being my first time out with a fly rod ever I was not really expecting to catch anything but I did spend a lot of time peeling the algae off my fly =\...

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    Default Re: small lakes/ponds

    If I get refusals on my dry fly, I usually try fishing a smaller fly. I might even consider dropping down a size in tippet.

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    Default Re: small lakes/ponds

    I think dropping down a size in tippet would make all the difference , i have had to do that before and it worked.

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    Smaller fly, smaller tippet, or maybe try a dropper setup so you have a dry and nymph in the water

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    I work at Wads and 36. Where is this new pond? (PM if you like, I'd love to go check it out with you!)

    For small water like this, I would use 6x tippet and size 18-24 midges. If they truly are sipping, it could be subsurface so try an emerger or rs2.

    Can you see them actually inhaling a bug floating, or are they just sipping something you really can't see?
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