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  1. Default Northern PA fishing trip?

    Hey fellas,

    From what Ive heard Northern PA has some good rivers and what have you with wild trout in them. As nothern PA is not too far from me, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some places for me. The more north western the better but not gonna be too picky!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Way too many to name. Depends on where you're headed. If you're anywhere near the middle of the state (East-West) then try Pine Creek, especially through the PA Grand Canyon. Also, Allegheny River up in that area, Kettle Creek, First Fork of Sinnemahoning, Cedar & Slate Runs, etc., etc., etc. If you're a bit west from that area, try Kinzua, Brokenstraw, Tionesta, etc., etc. Just too many good ones to name in northern PA. Go onto PA Fish & Game Commission website for lots of good info, and plenty of other websites from fishing shops around those areas. Or you can just go and drive. I can almost guarantee you'll find some good fishing just about anywhere in that area. More south toward the center of the State are some of the finest trout streams in the US, some very good limestone streams around Happy Valley, and plenty of other great streams, the Little Juniata, Big Spring, Bald Eagle, Letort, Yellow Breeches, etc., etc. You can see I've put a lot of "etc.'s" in the last few sentences. There's just too many to name. Get out there and fish, you can't go wrong just about anywhere.

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    Default Re: Northern PA fishing trip?

    Upper reaches of the Delaware fantastic fishery! Susquehanna by the N.Y. state border excellent smashes , walleye and muskies. The list of secondary streams is pretty long depends on what you want to fish for.
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