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    Default talk about a good morning!

    well i just graduated the 24th of last month and am now going to diesel school with a friend. we drive about 45 minutes every morning to wilks north carolina.

    now for the good stuff! went fly fishing for the first time as i posted a few days ago and had a great time. so the other day we rode around the college aera and we are 5 minutes from a great lake for fishing the yadkin river and the new river! so we planed to go fishing this morning now the great part is that our classes dont start till 12 everyday which is perfect for a good 4 hours of morning fishing. so we fished a little part of the yadkin river and a corner of the lake this morning. i caught some minners and 4 perch on my fly rod! really loving the fly rod i also just orderd about 60 flys that my long time fly fishing principal brian sudreth reccomended to me. cant wait to try them out!

    oo yea it was also great walking into math 070 with my boots full of river water and my jeans wet up to me knees sure did get some looks but i could care less..ill post some pictures when i catch something big off a fly!

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    Default Re: talk about a good morning!

    Congrats on graduating and having a great spot to spend your mornings! Look forward to seeing some pics!
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    Default Re: talk about a good morning!

    Congrats on graduating!

    If all your getting wet is to you knees, might I recommend looking into an inexpensive set of hip waders. They will keep your feet dry, and keep any critters out of your pants and shoes.

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    Thanks yall! And yea im really looking foward to fishing all the water up there. But as for waders im use to getting wet. I really dont know how often i would use then. I like feeling the water on my legs hahs

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