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Thread: Help with first boat purchase

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    Default Help with first boat purchase

    Hello eveyone,

    I am in the market for my first drift boat. I live in Colorado, so the type of water I will be fishing will be quite diverse. I don't have a massive budget, so I have to buy something used. I think that I want a glass (Clacka or Hyde) or resin (Boulder Boat) hull, but am looking for suggestions. I am really intrigued by the Boulder Boatworks boats, but haven't seen anything used. Do any of you guys have any tips on where I could pick up a decent used boat?


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    Default Re: Help with first boat purchase

    Sent you a PM.

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    Default Re: Help with first boat purchase

    My two cents...

    Get a raft or a cat. In Co, there aren't many places to take a drift boat.

    You will spend less and have a boat that you can take anywhere.

    The only river close to the front range where you can take a drift boat is the Colorado, no reason to limit yourself to one river. Get a raft and float any river in Co.
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    Default Re: Help with first boat purchase

    I am a big Clacka fan. Been down rivers in a few and really enjoyed my time in the boats. Also, they are located on the other side of the Portland metro area from me and i have stopped in to fondle the boats a few times. The guys in the store have always been helpful and informative.

    I will buy a 3 man pontoon before i ever get a drift boat. That drift boat will be a Clackacraft though.

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    Default Re: Help with first boat purchase

    Thanks gentlemen. I like to fish the North Platte as often as I can, so I guess either a boat or pontoon would work for that. I'll keep doing some research for now.

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    Default Re: Help with first boat purchase

    I had a 2 man toon(pac 1200) and wouldn't buy another unless I was drifting rivers with serious white water. A Drift boat is alot more convenient on the water, easier for both anglers to fish and you can back row and hit a run as many times as your arms and back can handle. A good toon(I know scadden and others are pretty affordable, but not when you have to customize it to be fishable) will cost almost as much as a good used DB, so the cost shouldn't be a factor in the decision. With a DB you don't have anything to assemble or any tubes to worrie about leaking. Unless you have your toon on a trailer(wich adds to the cost signifacantly) you have 30min to an hour of setup time before getting on the water. Also a drift boat is alot safer to have anchored up in moving water, wich inturn makes it easier to fish from alone. I had my toon for about 6 months and it just never realy grew on me and I always wished I had got a DB instead. If I had I would still have the DB but the pain of dealing with the toon was too much for me and it went down the road in favor of a 17' tracker that I'm going to have tunneled and put a rock guard on the lower unit so I can run the rivers in the same places the jets go.

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    Default Re: Help with first boat purchase

    I would consider a raft outfitted with a fishing frame like those of NRS. Rafts will get you in more technical waters if needed compared to a DB. You can't beat the luxury of a DB and you can't beat the versatility of a raft. If floating rivers that are big (wide) with long stretches of slack style water with occassional rapids up to class II-maybe III than a DB is hard to beat. If you want versatility floating the same style water...and then turnaround and float a river with more technical rapids or a river thats on the narrow side a raft would be the more ideal choice. You could find a trailer fairly cheap for a raft if that would be of concern. Custom built, harbor freight, or jetski trailer all will work nicely for a raft.

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