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    Smile Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    Just thought I would share. So I Pack for a trip this
    Morning and when I get to work I realize I left my two Galvan reels on the back roof of the Jeep. Call the wife as she's going out of town. She finds the Torque 2 blocks away totally destroyed. She doesn't find the 2.75. I leave work at 2 pm and find the reel 4 miles from house, it's also destroyed. So I call Galvan and tell them the dumbass move I did, she said send them in. FYI ...she said I'm not the first to do this. I'll let you know how that goes when I hear from Galvan. So now I've decided to walk to a local watering hole, drink Long Island's and watch the Cardinals. So does anyone have a similar move? So anyone that is fishing on Saturday please destroy the fish as my reels!

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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    I am a habitual wading boot washer if I am planning to go to a different river. Last year I was 40 miles from the house when I realized my boots were still in the laundry room sink......whoops

    Wife in the Prius to the rescue
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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    in minnnesota, you license is valid until april 31, even though season opens early april. It was the first week in may when i was rigging up the rod, tied on a fly and started for the water when i seen the regs book on the dash, (creek is right next to the road) and realized i hadnt gotten my new license yet! packed up and headed home.

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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    for years now I used my duck hunting waders for trout fishing a couple years ago opening day I put on my waders go to stand in my spot and I had a rush of cold water. Of course I had popped a hole in my waders so I am running around opening day morning with an hour to opening buzzer trying to find some waders. Lucky for me I got the last set of size 12 to rent. Not lucky for me I left my spare pants and socks at the hotel. Lesson learned I now have one set for duck hunting and one set for trout fishing.

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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    I was fishing under a tree & had just rigged up another fly & let it drop into the water. It drifted about 3 ft. & a fairly large trout took it. I wasn't quite ready as I still had my flybox out & was putting it away. Needless to say I jerked the fly right out of the fishes mouth & up into the tree it went. Being stubborn I reeled in & tried to dislodge the fly with my rod tip. As I turned around to get a better angle I lost my footing & came down flailing . You guessed it, on the rod. It broke about a foot up from the cork. My buddy on the other side of the river gave my pirouette & fall a 6, for good form above the water but bad entry into the water with too large of a splash.
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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    I was fishing for baby tarpon in a mangrove estuary. I did not notice that the boat side slipped backwards. When I started my forward stroke, my fly snagged a tree. And on that stroke, my rod exploded.

    Lesson to be learned? Take inventory on what's behind me before making a set of casts.


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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    See my post in the Fly Rod section LOL! Putting a beat up 16 year old fly rod against a very angry buffalo fish.

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    Default Re: Dumb things you have done fishing thread

    Roughly 2 years ago, I was making the trek north to attempt to get into some GL Steelies and had a 2 day trip planned. I was packing the night before, had my gear bags packed, cooler, rods, cleaned my fly line. Coffee beans were ground and machine was loaded and ready for the auto brew. I even loaded my Jeep the night before so I could get on the road at 3:30 am to try and ensure I could get there early. This is roughly a 2 hour drive.

    I get to my spot, the sky is beautiful. Still black, I can see stars just hanging there, not a soul around, not another car in sight. I get my boots on, pull out my rod and then open my reel bag to lace up my reel. Not there. Frantically, I'm looking through my wader bag and realize that I do not have my reel. After a few expletives, I remember that I had left my reel at home, on my desk where I was cleaning line. I was disgusted. I lost a few hours of fishing that day waiting for the fly shop to open, but did manage to get some fish later in the day. I did however find a gem of a fly shop that I had not previously visited.
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