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  1. Default brakish water rod,reel, line wt. ?

    I'm going to Kauai in june 08' I'm a southern california stream and lake fly fisher. I will be exploring some inland waterways while in Hawaii, but while there would like to try some of the calmer brakish water inlets. Does anyone know what type/size rod and reel and line wt. would be sufficient? any recommendations would be greatly apriciated.
    thanks Michael

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    Default Re: brakish water rod,reel, line wt. ?

    Hi Michael,

    I see no one has replied to your post. I have never fished there but here are my thoughts.

    If you have a 6,7 or 8 weight rod I think you could get by for some casual fishing. If you are going for bones then a 7wt or 8wt would be the best choice with my preference being the 8wt. I would pick the 8wt because it would be the best in the wind. I would want at least a fast action rod or a extra fast rod if you can cast it. Now a lot of it has to do with the level of effort you plan on putting forth. I would have no problem with a slow action 6wt if I was passing some time and just hoping that I might hook into something. If you are going to buy an outfit just for the trip then I would pick a fast action 9', 8wt. Hope this helps you out.


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    I had never heard of Bones in Hawaii until Frank mentioned it above, see you learn something everyday.

    Give this site a try Hawaii Fishing - Hawaiian Fly Fishing and Bonefishing

    oops!! or google it.

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    thanks for the replies. I will be buying a new setup for the trip, but not specifically for the trip. It is just a good excuse as any to get into ocean fly fishing, and a person can never have too many rods and reels. now I gotta get busy and tie some flys, thanks again

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    Default Re: brakish water rod,reel, line wt. ?

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    Fishing here in the Northeast I feel a 9 weight fast action would be your best all around rod for the salt, enough finesse to cast to a bonefish yet enough power to tame a big west coast striper or tuna.
    It can be uplined or downlined depending on circumstances,


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    Thanks for the input. I've been busy tying flys, deceivers, and clousers. I recently bought two pflueger reels and a 9' 9wt fast, and a 9' 10wt fast. 250 of 30lb backing and 100' of 9wt wf on one reel and 10wt wf on the other. I've found several inlets on google earth around the city of poipu HI. and a few shallow reefs that have protected bodys of water between them and the beach. to be honest I'm not out for any particular type of fish, just want to get my line wet. have a good time, and possibly make some memories. I also found a resivour close by that has peacock bass. I will let you all know in a few months how it turns out. thanks again.

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