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  1. Default Fly Fishing the Lower Yuba River

    I am considering taking my 13 YO son on a 2 day fly fishing float trip on the lower yuba River in Northern CA. next July. Does anyone have any experience with this river at this time of the year. Also, any feed back on an outfitter named Hooked Up Anglers? They sound very good, just wondering.

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    You have made a great decision on where to fish! The fish are huge, mad and you will have a great time. This part of the river does not get a lot of pressure because of limited access. I do not know the guide you are talking to, but the guys at American Fly Shop (916-483-1222) in Sacramento have always given me good referrals on which guide to use.

    In July you will be doing mostly small nymph fishing but will probably find a good top water bite just before dark. It will be very warm (90 - 100) and sunny (I don't advise neoprene waders) so bring sunscreen and a hat. You can even fish this water in shorts and wading boots this time of year.

    Have a great time!

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    Hello, thank you very much for responding. I could not find anyone who knew much about this river. Of course the two outfitters I talked to said it was great, but what else would they say. Your description is very much like the outfitters I chose. I will post something after the trip.
    Thanks again, Charlie

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