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    Default a few fly choice questions

    alright so after my first trout on a fly the other day the river has been non stop in my head! the next few days are going to be a rainy mess so i wont be able to hit it again until friday or saturday. so im preparing myself for then! so the only fly i used the other day was an asuable wulff. now i have a few others like the black wooly bugger and the daves hopper which one of those do yall think would be better for the river? the reason im asking is i seem to get a lot of perch and bass off the the asuable but i only got that one trout. so im wondering if one of those others would be better. thanks!

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    Default Re: a few fly choice questions

    The ausable wulff is an attractor fly (like the adams). They aren't usually tied to match a specific insect, but rather are a generally attractive fly and can immitate a number of different bugs. The fish might have thought it was an aquatic insect that hatch or even a beetle that fell on the water's surface.

    If you want to use dry flies, one approach you could take is to use attractor flies like the ausable wulff, adams, parachute adams, humpy, etc. etc. in a range of sizes between 14 and 18, and search for fish that will take them. Another approach is to use flies tied to immitate specific insects hatching on your river. Talk to a local fly shop or go to google and search for the river and 'hatch chart' or 'fishing report' to see what specific insects might be hatching. Then buy specific fly patterns tied to imitate those specific insects in the sizes listed in the hatch charts or fishing reports.

    If you are willing to move beyond dry flies, pick up some nymphs. Again, you can buy some general nymphs like the hare's ear, pheasant tail, and prince nymph, that can pass for a variety of insects or buy ones tied specifically for nymphs that fish might be keying into on your local stream. These will be listed in fishing reports and hatch charts or the fly shop will point you to the right ones. Additionally, if it starts raining you can use small wooly buggers and patterns that imitate worms. Drift the worms in the current and swing the wooly buggers - cast them towards the bank and keep your line tight and they swing below you.

    From your post I couldn't tell if you're just getting the bass on the ausable or if you're also going for the trout there. If you are, check out this report. They list 7 patterns that are working. The first two and last one are dries, the others are nymphs.

    I don't have knowledge of the rivers around you. But I thought it would be helpful to talk about the difference between attractor and imitation patterns as well as mentioning that it could help to use some nymphs since trout do most of their eating under the water.

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    Default Re: a few fly choice questions

    yes that helps a lot! and on the river i was fishing i was fishing for trout but i seemed to get more perch and bass then i did on any trout. do you think that the black wooly bugger would work? or is it an attractor to? also as far as nymphs go should i get bead headed ones or no? thanks for teaching me that though and i will look at a chart right now!

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