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    Default Re: why cant i cast far!!!!

    and if you know a fishing spot we can go to id love to get some advice ill take all the schooling i can get and would really appreciate it
    I'd leave that part up to Jackster. Getting the line out should be the main priority.

    I would double check your line if I were you to make sure it is not spooled on backwards. The fat part of the line should start almost immediately behind the leader. I have done this myself, and not that long ago, relatively speaking. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: why cant i cast far!!!!

    I've done that pretty recently myself...Wooops lol.

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    Jackster is on the right path to correcting your cast i have seen this problem before and i still make the mistake .the longer your line the slower your wrist movement.Let the line load on the backcast learn to feel where it is and you will be able to get that line out to the distance you want now when you get it out to 60 plus feet it is still hard to hook set .I like the 30' range myself but each stream requires different casting lengths due to different conditions.I'm over in Maggie Valley if you get over this way PM me and i will be glade to help if i can.

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    Default Re: why cant i cast far!!!!

    thanks a lot for the advice guys i think yester i was using a too big of fly for my 5wt rod too which i think was the main problem and then it threw my cast off.. and i started getting frustrated and trying to force it.. im looking into getting a bigger wt rod for bass fishing.. because it is one of my favorite types of fishing and really only fishing in the summer months.

    and also for the guys who have offered help in person i really really appreciate it! and if im ever down either way i will for sure love to hear advice from yall im always looking to talk to diffrent fly anglers as i have little experience

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    All great advice you've gotten, and I definately echo them. I find myself as well losing the eye on the ball sometimes (especially when the fish are not biting). It helps to go back and focus on the 5 principles that Bill Gammell set forth, as i find they repair any fault in my cast if I concentrate on them. There is a fantastic DVD called "Casts that catch fish" that helps a lot with this, and I watch it quite frequently. You can even catch some excerpts from it on youtube, including the 5 principles.

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