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Thread: About studs and soles.....

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    Default About studs and soles.....

    Hi !!

    I'll order new simms boots (rubber soled), and I need a good grip and traction, because my river got a lot of slippery rocks.

    I saw the Simms studs (hard beat star cleats, and hars beat boot studs)

    How many I got to put on each boot ? I saw from 8 to 14 studs. Any experience for rivers like in Montana, Colorado, ect.... (rocky rivers)

    Thanx !!

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    Default Re: About studs and soles.....

    I have rubber soled Simms and fish some larger western rivers for steelhead. I used one package of hard bite cleats and added an old package of studs I had laying around for my boots. Simms had a suggested pattern on their web page and I used that for a guide. They worked very well.

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    Default Re: About studs and soles.....

    Hi Coug !

    Thanks for the answer, I'll check the Simms website.

    See you

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    Default Re: About studs and soles.....

    Ard wrote up a great review on studs and posted it a few weeks back. You may want to give this a read before deciding on which studs will work best for you.
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