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    Default Large weighted flies

    I was out this past weekend for a canoe trip. I didn't get to fish much, but landed a couple of decent smallies and a large bluegill. Was a bit surprised in catching the blue gill, it was in the same running trough as the smallies.

    Anyway, I was using a SC Avid, 7wt, 9ft with a Cortland 333HT+ Rocket Taper, furled leader and 6lb vanish flouro tippet. I could not, for the life of me, cast a weighted fly past 30ft. The dry fly (parachute hopper) I could manage out to 45+ ft. (This is the fly I caught all the fish on) I'm not real happy with the slower action of the Avid.

    Would a faster action rod be a better fit. I know it's a blind question you cannot see my casting style. As much as I hate to say it, I'm just not happy with this rod....
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    Default Re: Large weighted flies

    Oops, I have already sent you a message about this.

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