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goblue 07-19-2012 06:02 AM

Live bait?
As a newbie, I'm learning much here and have many questions. Here's a couple:

Anybody ever use tiny live or pieces of live baits when fly fishing?

Also, with floating lines is it possible to use wet flies, by adding some sort of weights to push down the line?

Thanks, GB

Ard 07-19-2012 06:11 AM

Re: Live bait?
You will take some hits over the bait thing for sure :D

I fish wets on floating line every time I go fishing, no need to "push the line down". You're gonna do yourself a huge favor if you check at your Public Library to see if they have a copy of, 'Fly Fishing' by Tom McNally. If so check it out and read the book, it will help you to understand so much about this. The book is old (circa 1978) but the information is timeless.

Whatever you do, please stay with us and post your questions. Getting hold of a book like the one I suggested will really help you a bunch but the members here will help you also.

Welcome to the forum,


Rip Tide 07-19-2012 07:17 AM

Re: Live bait?
Back when I was a kid I'd fish a worm on my fly rod.
It wasn't unusual and everyone that I knew at the time that fished with a fly rod did the same thing on occasion. And not just kids.
I don't think you'll find too many folks that do that now though.

wjc 07-19-2012 07:27 AM

Re: Live bait?

Anybody ever use tiny live or pieces of live baits when fly fishing?
A lot of people start out using a fly rod that way, either because they are young and can't really cast the fly, or don't have the confidence in the fly alone.

One of my buddies I fished with as an early teen started out that way but within a season or two he switched to nothing but flies. Since then, he's caught more Atlantic salmon than anyone I know, and probably more out of the Brewer side of the Bangor salmon pool (when it was still there) than anyone alive.

Once you start hooking up with fllies, every other way seems second best.

goblue 07-19-2012 08:32 AM

Re: Live bait?
Thanks for your responses, everybody!

Actually I started flycasting 65 years ago as a youngster with an uncle. We fished for smallmouth bass as we waded along the beach of Saginaw Bay near Port Austin, Mi. Never used a fly. (I think that was done mostly by trout flyfishermen.) We used a spinner with a porkrind trailer and did pretty well. Also, back in those days the reel retrieve was with the right hand, whereas now it is with the left hand for us righthanders. However, I stopped fishing eons ago, but now am disabled to a point where there is no more golf or other outdoor activities for me. So I said, what the heck, never give up, find something! Fishing has become that something and particularly fly. Can't use boats, so canals, ponds and shorelines along Lake Okeechobee, Fl, are my venues. Starting to have fun :). Look forward to exchanging stuff on here--info for me and probably laughs at me for you.


Oh and Hardyreels, I've read all sorts of stuff to begin with and am finding forums like this are the places to continue my ongoing education. Incidentally, I bought and am using as my fishing "bible" the LL Bean book on flyfishing. Terrific resource!

Liphookedau 07-19-2012 08:34 AM

Re: Live bait?
Hi GB,As Ard has said you might cop a bit of Flack as Fly Fishing & Bait Fishing doesn't Rythmmme.
Again as Ard has mentioned Floating Lines are used for Wet Fly Fishing,to get The Flies down I'd rather add weight in The Body of a Fly or use Bead Heads,Split Shot can be used however you have to be careful not to hit The Rod with them as it can & usually does damage The Rod.

williamhj 07-19-2012 08:41 AM

Re: Live bait?
I think Nick Adams used live bait with a fly rod, so you have Hemingway on your side. If people pick a fight, I think Hemingway is a good guy to have backing you up :) It's all about how you want to fish, if it's legal then go for it. I don't use live bait personally but don't get offended if others do as long as it's legal.


ditz 07-19-2012 08:41 AM

Re: Live bait?
some of us still use the Pflueger Medalist reels too. I do use flies but on occasion I will use a little 'scent' on a fly to get rid of my 'stink'. :eek: IMO, flies, rubber, spinners, small hard baits, are all good to go. Whatever floats your boat. I love my fly rods.:sorry:

brookfieldangler 07-19-2012 09:29 AM

Re: Live bait?
Im not a live bait guy, but I have tossed the occasional senko with a fly rod.

Pay no attention to the purists who think you should be condemned to flyfishing purgatory because you toss something other than a fly.

A fly rod is simply just another tool to deliver a bait/fly/lure to trick a fish into biting your presentation.

tbblom 07-19-2012 09:46 AM

Re: Live bait?
It has been a while since I have done so, but I used to keep a bare hook in my fly box to put the occasional beetle or hopper on to see the fish's reaction to certain bugs. Amazing to see them attack a live beetle after ignoring many flies. After that I would try to tie the same bug at home for future use.

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