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    Default Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    I was out in Montana fishing with a few friends, one of whom is Gary Borger. Gary taught me to fly fish 31 years ago and we have been friends ever since. My trip and Gary's crossed for a couple of days.

    We stayed at the Greenlee "guest lodge" just above the Raynold's Pass Bridge.

    The fishing god's gave us a great the day before Gary arrived. Both Gene and I landed trout numbering in the high teens. A storm blew in on Gary's first fishing day with use

    Here are a few photos:

    We hiked upstream with fog rising from the Madison:

    Here is Gary taking photos of a fish. Gene and I call this the Glory Run for the huge fish that spooled Gene several years ago. Then the next day, I took first cast in the same pool and the same fish spooled me. We never saw the fish but having caught 20 inch fish in this area before, we figure the fish was north of 2 feet.

    Gary casting :

    Gary at the Colonel's Pool:

    The Three Amigos:

    Two fish that fell for my sunken ant. I was fishing a dry ant with a sunken dropper ant. Both fish passed on the dry ant and took the sunken ant.

    A twig I snagged with Hydropsychidae (net builders) caddis larvae:

    Gene with a nice brown

    Hope you all had some time to fish as well.
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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Silver, looks like a great trip! Jealous that you get to fish with Gary, I had the pleasure of talking with him for a few brief minutes at the hotel in Somerset after the show last year. That water looks very fishy, and the browns being hoisted seem to prove that! I gotta get out West... And by the way, that is one heck of an ant pattern! I bet the grayling here in Sweden would gobble them up, if only I could find the right water and some rising fish...
    - A.J.

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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    I did miss your posts here and now I see that you were away on an excusable absence I'm not familiar with that stretch of the Madison but will agree that one can catch some nice trout in the river at large. It looks like you had a good time and I can appreciate the joy of meeting up with old friends for some time at a river. Great report Silver,


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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Silver: Great trip report and photos, thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Nice trip report Silver, thank you! Looks like water level is pretty good there. Put a pair of spectacles on Mr. Borger and he could pass for David Letterman! milt.
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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Thumbs up for that! Looks like an epic trip.

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    Red face Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Great looking place! And only Milt could make Gary Borger into David Letterman! Haha! I'm envious!
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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Thank you for the excellent report and pictures!

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    Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    thanks for the report. Madison river is in my bucket list.

  11. Default Re: Short Trip Report - Montana 2012

    Great report and photos. Nice fish. And, a great time with quality folks. Do fishing trips get better?

    By the way, I love the sunken ant pattern as well as the fact that it was being nailed as a dropper from the floating ant. You were working it properly, I must say. Nice work.
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