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  1. Default south platte questions

    First off I just wanted to say hello, new to the forum, and so far, this forum is great from what I have had the chance to see so far.

    My Dad and I are trying to plan a spring fly fishing trip (my last spring break before I graduate from college) and I have always wanted to fish the south platte in colorado. We have spent qute a bit of time in colorado but mostly down around the gunnison. Anyways, I was just curious of some tips, or some areas to fish that may be helpful or if this is a good time to be out there(mid march) and maybe some ideas of some flies to tie prior to heading out there. Any information would be great.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: south platte questions

    I've fished the Miracle Mile/Dream Stream section of the South Platte and there's no place I'd rather fish. (so far, anyway) I'm not sure if March is the ideal time to be there though. That section I mentioned is on a very high and exposed plateau and some wind combined with the normal temps that time of year could make it a miserable day. Elevenmile Canyon nearby is almost as good (I've read) and will be out of a howling wind.

    The fish in the Dream Stream are mighty smart and some of them are absolute pigs. I fished it with my favorite 490 LL, but there are fish in there that would put a deep bend in a 690 RPLXi. I'm not sure what hatches (if any) you'll find there in march, but Google is your friend on that topic.

    Here's another area that might be more ideal during march- Colorado Fishing Network: Winter Fishing in Cheesman Canyon

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    Same here Fishing south platte and miricale mile and the canyon at KC I have only fished one winter spring here (as I stated on flytying section) The best fly I have used is the black streamer with gold bead head. I tyed it useing the same pattern but shortened it up to end tail bout 1/8 to 1/4 behind hook, Real thick fluffy fly. I will post a picture of one this weekend
    ( right now I am building a new trying desk) my old one became so small FAST
    Good luck try the black bead headed streamer Hope it works for you as well
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    Thanks for the replies guys, it is really appreciated. If the South Platte is not the place to be, do you guys have any recomendations o some rivers or areas to give a shot during this time of the year.


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    Default Re: south platte questions

    Fishing the Dream Stream or 11 mile canyon or Spinney are awsome. All three of them are right in the same area and are Gold Waters. It might be kinda cold and windy at the Dream Stream, but 11 mile canyon would be OK. Cheesman is the closest fishing to Colorado Springs and is pretty crowded at times. If you want to venture a little more out of the way, you can go to Tomahawk Wildlife are, which is not very far from the Dream Stream. Another of my favorites is Tarryall Creek, just minutes from all the above.

    For flies, river info, and the like I would contact Angler's Covey in Colorado Springs. They're pretty good guys and will steer you in the right direction.

    The website that Cliff listed is a good tool also. I've used it many times.

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