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Thread: 1 Fly....

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    ok this is too hard for me! maybe we can take this one step farther and break it into sections to make it better for everyone.
    here are my favs. what are yours

    nymphs - gold ribbed hares ear or pheasant tail
    streamer - black wooley bugger
    terrestrial- foam spider or daves hopper
    dry- parachute adams or adams
    wet- never used any but a wet gnat but it worked for gills.

    any more ideas? post! its better than just only choosing one fly. how bout 1 fly of every catagory. that way we have a good selection for all situations when the time comes!
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    Mcfly, that was the point of this thread, to make you think about what fly has always been a go to fly, and if you can choose 1 that covers more than one zone then that is even better.
    I like the hares ear because I can weight it and fish it on the bottom, grease it up and fish it on top, grease the thorax and have is sit emerger style in the film, even grease the leader to within a few inches of the fly and fish it as a drifting emerger.

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    Since midges can be found pretty much anywhere, I'd have to go with a midge larva pattern. I call this one the Redd October.

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    ok sorry just so hard for me to choose one. I like every fly for its own reasons.
    man o man. ok I choose one its the hares ear like I said since its caught me my share of fish in lots of no catch situations.
    plus fyshstykr just made me think of a hares ear of just way more than a nymph!
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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    Question Re: 1 Fly....

    Being a salt guy i would say a size 4 all white clouser with bead chain eyes or a small popper, The clouser will out catch the popper 5 to 1 but watching a large stripper hitting a surface fly is truely unforgettable. Tough choice

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    Clouser with and w/o weight or is that two from 8 to 4/0

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    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Hi to all,

    Come on, only one fly on all of the waters in the lower 48.: Impossible, but If you include Alaska it would be a Wollybugger in black. If we don't include Alaska, then I would pick the Prince Nymph. It darn sure would not be a dry fly.


    I submitted clouser for all fresh and salt 'cause if I can w/o weight or minimal weight and tie it up like a mickey finn et al it's a streamer..not the best fresh but streamers have caught all fresh save carp ..salt it can catch them all

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    It doesn't seem like a common fly that people have in the box, but i would have to say the chernobyl ant. I've had success with such a variety of fish on this fly.


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    Deciever.... 2/0 down to a 6

    offshore, inshore, backcountry, lakes, rivers, streams.

    If it had to be only one size #2

    One color- Chartruse and white
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