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Thread: Floatants?

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    Default Floatants?

    With the many floatants on the market, I thought I would ask what kind do you like the best?
    I actually use 2 brands, one for warm weather and one for colder weather.

    My personal favorite would be "Poo Goo", developed by Andie Puyon and sold by RIO, will float a bug all day but it can be a little thick and harder to dispense in the colder months.

    And a close 2nd choice would be "Aquel" from Spirit River, stays very pliable in the cold.

    I think both are 100% silicone based, and both have worked well for me.

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    I've tried the aquel and the bottle really lasts forever! I used it all summer and looks brand new good until u get a few hits. but then dry the fly apply a lil more usually after a fish or 2 and the fly floats like new again!
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    Hi to all,

    I use two. Aquel on the stream and Hydrostop at the bench. I also soak my indicators in Hydrostop.


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    Default Re: Floatants?

    I like the "dave's bug flote" that umpqua sells because it stays a little thicker in the TX heat, and the bottle with short chain is mighty convenient.

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    I use Gink.

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    for some reason, i love frogs fanny for my dries and emergers.

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