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Thread: Fishing near Ft. Collins/Estes Park

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    Default Fishing near Ft. Collins/Estes Park

    I have been to Fort Collins many times but I have never actually fished there. I know the Big Thomson and the Poudre river run through town. I was wondering if you guys could let me know of access points and where to go this time of year. I don't mind driving a little further (50ish miles) to get to better/more secluded water. I don't expect anyone to give up their sacred fishing grounds, but any general information would be most appreciated.


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    Default Re: Fishing near Ft. Collins/Estes Park

    The Big Thompson has some nice water that flows right thru town that has plenty of fish in it. I had some decent luck in there going thru mid town estes. Caught some browns and rainbows. Up in the park I fished all the little piece of water I could easily or not easily get into. There were plenty of fish. I want to redo that trip again sometime in the future.
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    Default Re: Fishing near Ft. Collins/Estes Park

    I fished below the dam at Estes Park this June. A long stretch of catch and release, some of it accessible along a public park just down from the dam, and then the rest of the stretch accessible by pull-offs along the highway. After that first coupe of miles, then the regulations change

    Be sure to check into the advisability of fishing right now. There hasn't been much rain up that way and the water temps might make it hard on fish you release. A tailwater like that might not be a problem, but you should seek information from someone who knows more than me. There's a fly shop there in town that could give you information. (Kirk's fly shop if I recall the name correctly).

    The Poudre was engulfed by wildfire at that time. I was originally headed that way. It's supposed to have much public access along its length. Ft. Collins has several park areas to allow access in town.

    I'd be very reluctant to fish the Poudre right now especially in that Ft. Collins stretch. Flows were not exceptional even in June and I would bet the fish are struggling to survive.

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