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    Default Furled leaders...

    Gonna give "furled leaders" a try this year, I ordered some a while back, one for my 4wt and one for the 7wt.
    They are a little pricey but if they hold up like they say they will, then they will be $$ well spent.

    I have been out on the lawn and tried em and they sure do turn over nicely.
    These are furled leaders, not braided.

    Has anyone else tried them?

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    Default Re: Furled leaders...

    Hi fyshstykr,

    There has been a ton of discussion about furled leaders. I have not used them my self. Why don't you use the Search feature at the top of the page for "Furled Leaders". You will find a lot of information. There is even information on how to make your own furled leaders.


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    Default Re: Furled leaders...

    I manufacture them and sell here and another fly shop down state..what do you need to know??
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    Default Re: Furled leaders...

    Curious as to what experiences other people have had, and what they think of em.

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    I make my own furled leaders using plans I found on the internet. My experiences are that they turn over longer tippet sections much more easily than traditional tapered leaders. I have turned over 10 feet of 6x tippet with furled leaders I have made. They also have almost no memory in cold weather. In addition, due to their design they allow a certain amount of shock absorption when big fish strike. This helps to protect light tippets better.

    I will never go back to tapered or knotted leaders.

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    Default Re: Furled leaders...

    Good info Grouse, not sure I will ever need to turn over 10' of 6x, but nice to know it can happen.

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