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bamboostalker 07-28-2012 10:05 AM

Hello from Ontario
hello guys my name is Mark from Hamilton Ontario. I'm new here and new to flyfishing (5 seasons). I still throw the spinner bait once in a while but if I have a choice, I'm casting a fly.
I picked up my first bamboo rod yesterday. A vintage thomas that needs refinishing to be fishable. So for now i'll just admire it and give it a few backyard swings. Wish I had found it 3 months ago cause Monday I head up to Algonquin for 5 days.

Has anyone fished **** lake. Not Little **** but ****. All feed back would be apreceated

lol ok wont let it say the lake so lets try it this way put the C before OON.... lets see if that works

fredaevans 07-28-2012 10:50 AM

Re: Hello from Ontario
Welcome to the Forum. Fishing 'Boo' is a treat and there are a lot of rod builders who can do a first class job of refinishing the rod (or give you very good advise on the subject.

Loved the ending to your post.:D If you want a loooooong list of 'banned words' try the UK Mother Board. You quickly learn to leave out 'slanguage' out of postings. Something quite enoquous here can have a very different meaning elsewhere. :eek: Or if I do I'll follow up: ('Murican for xyz.)

As someone once said: "Two common People, separated by the same language." Or sum such.

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