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    Thumbs up Another great read, from a "small town newspaper.."

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Talking Re: Another great read, from a "small town newspaper.."

    ever read the Bozeman MT police reports ?
    here's the one from this past Saturday. you can't make this stuff up.

    Two women vandalized a vehicle parked on Main Street by spray painting it just after midnight.
    A woman on the Montana State University campus called officers at 12:45 a.m., suspecting her drink had been spiked. She was feeling lightheaded and dizzy, but said she had not had any alcohol.
    An Arizona resident was arrested after an officer witnessed him urinating in public at 2 a.m. on Mendenhall Street. The man initially attempted to flee on foot from the officer, who was on a bike, but was apprehended.
    A 21-year-old man called police at 3 a.m. and stated he felt confused.
    A man with a limp wearing a white hat and “some kind of jewelry” was seen by a caller bashing out a window of a Jeep at 5 a.m. on Durston Road. Officers eventually arrested a Bozeman man for criminal trespass of a vehicle, theft and obstructing.
    A cat was attempting to “get at” a domesticated rabbit that had taken up residence in a yard on Third Avenue.
    A caller was wondering if the Bozeman Police Department hands out gun locks for free.
    Guests of a Wheat Drive hotel were reportedly attempting to sell drugs.
    A woman was having an issue with a downstairs neighbor who was calling her names. She also had a parachute in the backyard.
    Officers received a call that meth was being used around children in a trailer park.
    A 54-year-old Missoula man and a 60-year-old Helena man were arrested for disorderly conduct after officers witnessed them mooning people outside a bar just before midnight.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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