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Thread: which line?

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    recently just got a great deal on a 9 weight....looking to use it for saltwater mainly for reds trout false albies, bluefish, spanish and albies but also some carp and stripers in fresh water. however i cant decide wat line to get! should i get floating, sink tip, full sinking?? there are so many choices and i cant decide!!!! which one will best suite me? anyone have any specific suggestions? could a use a floating line with a weighted fly and be ok without sinking/sink tip? thanks for the help!!

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    For your reel, get a spare spool.

    One spool has a quality weight forward floating line for topwater or shallow situations.

    The other spool has a shooting head system. The running line will be an intermediate sink. The heads will range from intermediate to ultra fast sink rates. By changing heads, you can cover a wide range of depths.


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