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    still haven't tried it out yet. I still have to put the line on it. its just been to dang cold to do anything. the river is froze through all the way also. I couldn't tell ya the difference between a tfo and this rod as I have never tried out a expensive rod. why is everyone laughing about the bass? everyone says catching small bass is ok and then they say 18 inches or less. to me thats a huge bass! I caught some bass one day around here and all were prolly 10 inches or so only and didn't fight half as hard as the gills. thats why I said I was gonna use it for bream and bass. I am not picturing these monster bill dance bass like you guys are. if so I would prolly use a 8wt for those monsters. so pardon me for saying bass. its for gills and chubs basically. I am more worried about the catfish here breaking the rod than the bass breaking it.

    Dude, remember this!! If you get a fish that is too big for your rod, point your rod at the fish (so the rod doesnt bend) and you will never break your rod. Of course I have had stealhead strike and immediately break my rod before I could even do anything

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    trust me no 3wt fishing until the steelies are gone. 8 wt till they leave. that is really what i've been after. still skunked so far but the steelies around here are better known as a spring strain steelhead unlike the pennsylvania fall strain.. but if I do hook into a big fish I do have a unconditional rod warranty. depends how big the fish is tho.. never know if ya might have to chance the rod lol. I have seen a guy land a carp on youtube with a 3 weight. guess ya just got to be extra careful and not stress the rod.
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