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    Default all the kings remains

    the finality of life

    i personally watched the natural demise and decomposition of this big guy on my home anchor river over the last 15 days that i was in alaska.



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    Default Re: all the kings remains

    next time you get one of those, can you do day by day pics
    15/15 days
    would be cool to see whole transformation

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    Default Re: all the kings remains

    Morbid but flippin cool!
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: all the kings remains

    Ted Leeson in his "Habit of Rivers" describes a meeting with a rotting but still swimming salmon that came downstream and brushed his leg. He wrote that he couldn't get warm after that encounter.
    I have seen them years ago in Michigan, still swimming with hunks of flesh missing and their backbones showing. It is chilling.

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