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Thread: Del Canty

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    Default Del Canty

    Back in the 70s and 80s there was no one that I liked to read about more than Del Canty. His float tube forays into the big lakes like Flaming Gorge and his huge fish on the fly. Pictures of him tying these massive flys at the dashboard of his car and stories of his all night fishing adventures always got me going. Anyone know if he's still around and if so does he still fish? I see that he has a floattube with his name on it and I googled a family picture. If you know anything or have a story I'd like to hear it. The man was definitely a legend!
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    I met Del Canty with my friend Jim Greenlee in the very early 1980s. Jim funded a number of fly fishing companies including Korkers and Islander Reels and Streamborn of Canada that went on to help found TFO rods. Del wanted Jim to fund his company that would sell lightweight float tubes.

    Jim and I were on a fly fishing road trip through Colorado and New Mexico. Del met us in a parking lot on a trout stream. It was a bit surreal with Del showing Jim the features of the float tube and Jim with his cigar, just wanting to hit the river.


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