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    Default Fiberglass cleaner/Polish?

    What's a good cleaner/wax for fiberglass drift boats?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Default Re: Fiberglass cleaner/Polish?

    Been using Meguiar's 'Cleaner Wax' on our Clackcraft a couple times a year with one of those cheap electric buffers from Harbor Freight, seems to work fine. And for a quick touch up after a trip I spray it off and use the Meguiar's 'Quick Detailer' to keep it looking good.

    I just used the Meguiar's 'Quick Detailer' on our rods after we returned from Alaska and it worked very nicely on them too. Just sprayed on a soft cloth and rubbed them down.
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    Default Re: Fiberglass cleaner/Polish?

    I put 3 coats of Turtle Wax on my 44 year old fiberglass canoe earlier this season.
    Shines like new
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    Default Re: Fiberglass cleaner/Polish?

    After washing Pledge or when you take out wipe down with damp towel and pledge is great for fiberglass boats

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    Default Re: Fiberglass cleaner/Polish?

    Quote Originally Posted by billyspey View Post
    After washing Pledge or when you take out wipe down with damp towel and pledge is great for fiberglass boats
    Now that's a new one to me; Pledge, as in the furniture polish?
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