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  1. Default Shooting head on a 2wt?

    This may be a a dumb noob question but here I go. I started fly fishing using a med fast action 7wt 9' TFO signature in central FL where I live. This was the recommended gear from BassPro. I told them that I fished for largemouth most of the time and they said this was the minimum gear for me to land a florida bass. ok, not to expensive so I got it. the thing is, that anything under 3lbs on that set up is like fishing a piece of rebar with a winch on it. no fun at all. So I tried my brothers 3wt and BANG! a 2 lb bass is a good time. Then I was given a full flex 2wt witch has made an average 2 lb bass a challenge that I am now hopelessly addicted to. So now my question. Is it un reason able to build a shooting head using a 3wt head on a 2wt running line to beat the wind a little and get just a little more distance? I also chase pompano in the surf with this rig so I would like just a little more distance in my cast. I now have about a 55 to 60' limit.
    What do y'all think?

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    Default Re: Shooting head on a 2wt?

    What is the full flex 2WT rod? I have a pretty soft 2wt and fish for small to med sized trout with it. I can't imagine fighting 2lbs bass with it, or trying to cast a shooting head into the surf. I'm curious.

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    Default Re: Shooting head on a 2wt?

    Why not. Used to go after pompano with a 5 wt and small crazy Charlie flies . Long as you strip set the hook should be fine and fun. If something big takes your fly people will think your playing a fish with a wet noodle . Haha!
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    Default Re: Shooting head on a 2wt?

    At first, my impression was "what kind of fly fishing gaper question is this?"

    Then I realized that you might be on to something. Give it a try. If you enjoy yourself, then it's mission accomplished.


    PS: Make sure to thoroughly clean your tackle after a day in the salt.

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    I do have to strip set to save my rod ( La Cross Axis ii 7' 2wt.) but that just adds to the sporting feel to me. as for the surf, I fish from Cocoa beach down to south of Sebastian inlet. One often sees small jack, pampano and other things running between the sandbar and the beach, I figured "what the hell" I have 145yds of backing i'll go for it. For the bass one just has to think fast and not use less than a 3x tippet. With a size 10 streamer or bugger the bass are usually 1.5lb lbs or less. This little rig makes every fish feel like a trophy. I am going to look for a cheap #3 line and try it and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Shooting head on a 2wt?

    NO sh for a 2 wt

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    Default Re: Shooting head on a 2wt?

    I fish for bass in the California Delta and I use a 8wt. The only reason for this is to deliver a hummingbird size fly, and to pull a decent size bass out of the weeds. I agree, sometimes when I am fishing for bass in one of the reservoirs without weeds and obstructions, bass are more fun on light tackle.

    As for putting a shooting head on a 2wt., I have never heard of it. Try it and let us know how it works. You might be on to something.

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