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    Default Tomorrow's Legend....

    Over the past few years we've lost several 'Legends' of our sport, Andy Puyon, Syl Nemes & Jack Gartside to name only a few of our Brothers. It sure seems like we've lost a bunch of great contributors to our sport. Maybe this is just a sign of my age?

    Anyway, this has had me wondering lately about who the people are that will carry the torch forward, you know those that truly make a difference in our sport?

    Does the advent of the Internet 'water down the soup' so to speak? It seems there are many names out there associated with fly fishing/fly tying today. I'm interested in hearing about a person who would be considered a real "Game Changer"?

    I have a couple innovative people in mind but would like to hear from a few others first as to who has made a difference(and why) in their eyes.

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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    Here in Smokey Mountain country the young, talented couple of Ian and Charity Rutter come to mind. Ian is an established writer and both he and Charity guide hundreds of anglers every year.
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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    There are others, but Pat Cohen comes to mind. His flies are amazing even if he has been trying for 40 years. The fact that he has only been tying since 2009 makes them even more amazing.

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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    IMO, there has not been much in the way of innovation in many years, so it's difficult to say who is really changing this sport in that regard. There have been new materials introduced, and somewhat new techniques with the new materials, but for the most part, it's been rehashing older styles & patterns. Nothing wrong with that, as tying will always progress towards new materials as they become available & there will be individuals who will excel with them.

    Enrico Puglisi certainly has had an impact on tying, and his patterns at the time were unique, but not particularly innovative. He applied an old technique, primarily tying a hi-tie, or forming dubbing brushes to a new material and the results have been superbly positive. Although he should be given credit for having the intuitiveness to combine the old with the new. Whether or not it's actually innovation I guess would be matter of opinion.

    Pat Cohen's name came to my mind as soon as I read the question. But, he's not really doing anything new either, folks have been spinning deerhair for many years, however the artistic expression and the level of talent he adds to spinning hair certainly needs to be considered as game changing. He is likely the best I've ever seen & I've seen many. Plus, he's one heck on a nice guy!

    Again, IMO, the internet has improved tying in general, as more folks have had the opportunity to read & see things that they may not have had years ago. I started tying long before the internet existed & learned many things the hard way, via trial & error. I have found some comfort in knowing that some things I learned to do, I got it right, and that has been reinforced by others I've had contact with thru the internet. As a teaching medium, combined with sites such as this, and others like Youtube, I believe the internet has improved tying & fly fishing overall.

    I'm also getting up in age, and we have lost some folks who did in fact contribute greatly to this sport. ( Ernest Schwiebert comes to my mind, one of the finest gentleman I've ever met & both an exceptional writer & speaker!) However, those folks have also each left behind legacies that hopefully will not be forgotten as we forge ahead.

    As far as who will become the next legends, frankly I have no idea at this point, as there are so many talented folks around these days it would be difficult to pick.
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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    If you are familiar with the Sierra fly fishing scene, Ralph and Lisa Cutter are a part of an elite group of fly fishers. If there ever is or will be a fly fishing hall of fame, they deserve to be in it. Ralph and Lisa founded the California School of Fly Fishing. Hundreds if not thousands have been taught by them. Their photographs have been published in magazines. Ralph is an innovative fly tier. His popular EC Caddis is a staple as a Western United States caddis pattern. Ralph is an accomplished writer. He has many articles in magazines and has a few books.

    Another person who is very noteworthy is Andy Burk. He is best known as a fly designer. His HBI (Hunchback Infrequens) is a staple mayfly nymph here in California. He has guided and instructed hundreds if not thousands of people. Besides designing flies, Andy is known for making some unique paintings. His Clown Trout painting is something to check out.

    Other notables:
    Mike Mercer - fly designer, author
    Rachel Andras - instructor
    Dan Blanton - guide, author, fly designer


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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    Fysh, you are old, but I'll always be older! It's a generational thing, first parents and friends parents go, then peers. Hopefully we can all live full, productive lives and postpone the inevitable. Seize the day! Tomorrow's legends are the kids in pictures in these forums. milt.

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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    I have a 6 year old grand daughter that has been fishing with a 7 ft 3 wt for a year now ,she usualy out fishes me, her stroke is better than mine and she can throw 40 feet all day. Will she be famous? She already is.

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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    There are several forum members whom fit the bill. The advice they offer here alone is enough to put them in a legend category. And the forum members as a collective would put NAFFF in the top 10...Just Sayin

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

    Being "one with nature" requires a knowledge of what animals are living nearby and a weapon of sufficient magnitude to give you at minimum an equal chance of survival. No one has an invisible aura that animals can detect and sense your good intentions.

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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    local legends for me would include Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech. Mickey has already dedicated more than half of his 50 years to the sport. he is a fly designer,gear designer and one of the most elegant casters I have ever met.

    I think the best trout fisherman in America is probably Lance Egan. He has been consistently one of the top placers on the national team and other competitions and is a great fisherman, caster and european style nympher.

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    Default Re: Tomorrow's Legend....

    Quote Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
    I have a couple innovative people in mind but would like to hear from a few others first as to who has made a difference(and why) in their eyes.
    IMHO, the people that make a difference are those organizations who get the youth of this country away from video games and into the outdoor sports. Without getting young people into fly fishing, there will be no future legends.

    Our county DNR staff just held a Sporting Heritage Day and over 250 youth showed up to learn everything form trapping, to waterfowl hunting and calling, turkey hunting, elk hunting, deer hunting, boating, bow hunting, trap shooting, target shooting and hunter safety, and fishing represented by TU, Walleyes For Tomorrow, Musky clubs, etc.

    Here's our TU Chapter did to teach tying and casting.

    I don't worry about legends, I worry about passing it on. If we pass it on, the legends will come.


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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