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    Default Portland: First of November

    Hey guys
    This is all still in the works and I am just entertaining the idea but, I will be attending a meeting towards the end of October first of November somewhere in the Portland area (Jantzen Beach area?). I will be slightly limited on transportation but, is it worth bringing my gear during that time of year? And if so do I have much for options in the area?

    After a quick search and reading through some things I am questioning if this is an off time for both steel and trout?

    I should be able to get out each evening and perhaps extend the trip solely for fishing reasons if need be but from what I see itís too bad they donít postpone the meeting until the end of December or even January.
    What do I know though being a native Utahn and all, thatís why I am looking for a local opinion.

    Also I like Danís idea of a trip swap, Portland area for SLC area? But is it even worth it that time of year.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: Portland: First of November

    Sandy or Clakamus (sp?) Someone here will pick you up/etc.

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    Default Re: Portland: First of November

    As Fred mentioned, the Sandy and Clackamas will both have some fish in them. Large numbers? Probably not. There should be some fall chinook in the north coast rivers as well. There is also a limited chum salmon run on the Kilchis and Miami rivers around that time.

    The coastal sea run cutthroats will be off limits by by then.

    If i was in your shoes, i would bring the fishing gear. If you are thinking of maybe hooking up with a guide, i can recommend a couple.

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