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double d 09-10-2012 11:33 AM

Orvis Waders
Looking for advice on Orvis waders, thoughts on quality and value for the expense. Also, should I go with the high waders or waist level waders, as this is my first purchase of waders. Thanks. Dennis

Ard 09-10-2012 12:42 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
Hello Dennis,

And welcome to the forum, I have used several pair of waders from the Orvis Company over the years. I've always found them to be well designed and with the company behind them any problems were always quickly solved.

As for waist or chest wader this is a simple one. If you only fish small streams where the depth is never going to be over 2.5 feet the waist wader will be more comfortable in warm weather. However, if you fish larger rivers and creeks chest high is the way to go. There is always a spot where the water is a little deeper than your waist wader will allow and if the weather turns cold or rainy the chest wader provides some warmth and rain protection. When used in combination with a good fishing jacket, chest waders make you pretty much waterproof from head to toe. Considering the fact that many times you'll find the fishing best on rainy days the chest wader has been my choice for over 35 years. Prior to that I got wet often, especially my butt :D

I hope you will continue to use the forum for a source of information and to share some reports about your fishing trips.


mcnerney 09-10-2012 01:09 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
DD: Welcome to the forum! I use their Silver Label model that has the light weight top that tugs down inside as mostly I fish using just the waist high but occasionally will bring the top up for the extra protection. Like Ard said they are spendy, but the quality is very good and the warranty rocks.
Stockingfoot Waders / Silver Label Roll-down Stockingfoot Waders -- Orvis


gt05254 09-10-2012 02:21 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
What Larry and Ard said. (Been using Orvis waders for 20 years, no complaints).

jaybo41 09-10-2012 02:40 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
Hi DD,

Welcome to the forum. I'll share some thoughts on waders with you based on personal experience.

First, nothing that I have tried breathes better than Gore-Tex. If you were to go with regular waders vs. waist high, I am convinced you will be more comfortable with waders made of Gore Tex. This puts you in pretty limited company though, Simms and LL Bean are the only 2 companies who have licensing to use Gore Tex in their Waders. I'm not sure that LL Bean has a Gore Tex wader these days. Simms now has a pair of Gore Tex waders for $299, the Headwaters.

Then there are the rest of them. Some breath better than others and some have more layers than others. I would stick with one of these three brands if you are not going the Simms route. Orvis has excellent customer service and does provide wader repair. I had a pair of 4 year old waders that I sent back to Orvis and they repaired them for nothing. My cost was shipping to Orvis. they paid for the return. LL Bean has a legendary satisfaction policy with anything you buy from them. Patagonia is much the same as LL Bean. Though I have never worn Patagonia waders, I know their warranty is iron clad. The whole point here is that I would recommend a brand that has a warranty that you can live with. You might find a cheaper pair of waders, without a warranty. If a warranty/repair are not important factors then your options are even greater.

Lots of folks are raving about the Reddington waders these days, I have not used them. They have licensed Orvis' sonic welding technology, which means no stitches, they are all welded seams. The thought here is durability. No stitches means no pin holes on the seams.

Depending on your location, which seasons you fish in and a bunch of other factors, waist high might be good or it may not. As Ard said, there's always that one spot, or there's always that one time when you might be out on the water and the stream level rises. Or that may not be a factor at all. Do you do lots of bushwhacking? If so, you might want waders that have reinforced pieces in the legs, knees, etc.

It depends on your perspective, but I am all about comfort. If you factor the price of your waders over 2-3 years it's not as bad as some might think. Some folks prefer to buy a cheaper pair, and that's perfectly OK. Buy something that fits your budget and gives you a GOOD fit, whatever the brand and style. What's most important is that you put them to good use! Also, you could go the route of 2 pair, one waist high and one regular---again, depending on how much you fish, seasons that you are fishing in, etc. Wear one pair, then switch to the other. The good thing about this is that you always have a backup.

FYI, Orvis has some new waders coming soon, so if you can wait, you might be able to take advantage of a closeout or get their latest technology depending on your preference. I have always been happy with Orvis waders. I got 4 seasons on my last pair of Pro Guides before having to send them back for repair and replacing them with Simms G3's. After wearing those, I am not sure I can wear anything other than Gore Tex. :D

Let us know what you end up with. Happy shopping.

lightline 09-10-2012 04:00 PM

Re: Orvis Waders

Originally Posted by mcnerney (Post 482805)
DD: Welcome to the forum! I use their Silver Label model that has the light weight top that tugs down inside as mostly I fish using just the waist high but occasionally will bring the top up for the extra protection. Like Ard said they are spendy, but the quality is very good and the warranty rocks.
Stockingfoot Waders / Silver Label Roll-down Stockingfoot Waders -- Orvis


Me too! Exactly. They wear great as a waist-high, and you can pull 'em up a little to cross a deeper pool or wade a little deeper to get a little closer to that rising fish. Then, right back to waist-highs when you get shallower. they're cool in the summer, have a zipper pocket, and I've had mine for several years--no leaks yet. The main wear is the neoprene foot, but its still dry.

fredaevans 09-10-2012 04:33 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
Vis a Vis "Orvis" anything even the Brit's love them. You have a 'problem, bring it back and we'll give you a new one.' Have yet to read a post where someone said 'different.' When they warranty, they mean warranty. Keeps the "Orvis Boys" happy? Bad pun intended, but you can see them 200 yards off.

As for waders, get the waist high ones. Other than minimal wading 'hippers' are useless. Belly-buttons will cover 95% of what you're going to do.

Chest highs are good for really crappy weather, but do you REALLY!!!!:shocking: want to wade much more than knee deep? Even with a wading staff in moving water? (Yes, yes, it makes good DVD material and that's about all. Yes, Yes I remember my hipper hight comment, but rain happens and at times you have to pick yourself around a fallen tree, etc.)

Example to illustrate the above comment. Steelhead like water 3 to 8 foot deep, given a choice. Soooo, you're thigh deep, how deep are you already?:rolleyes:

bigtone1411 09-10-2012 05:56 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
I always buy chest highs. Like said before, they are great for inclement weather or cold. I do some float tubing. And I can always manage to turn a set of chest highs into waist highs if need be, tucking them in and adjusting wading belt. If you are sure you are just going to be a fair weather, small stream fisherman, waist highs are fine.

To keep on topic, I have never owned a pair of Orvis waders. I have purchased a lot of other orvis stuff and they have never let me down. They once sent me a replacement part on a ten year old reel for free. That is service.

zug buggin 09-10-2012 07:35 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
Well I guess Orvis are ok if you can't get Simms

comeonavs 09-10-2012 08:13 PM

Re: Orvis Waders
I too am in the market for new waders. I was asking the guy at the shop the other day about the convertible Simms G3 and wearing them as waist hi's. He recomended me the convertibles since I am going to try and do more winter fishing and as Ard said they provide more protection from the elements vs standing chest deep in the river.

His comment at the shop was if he is 5'6" and only wears the top half of his waders a few times a year a guy 6'1"" like me would need the tops even less. Basically if you are a non belly boating summer time fisherman go with the waist hi's. If you belly boat or fish foul weather get the convertibles / full length.

Ive never had Orvis waders , but really once you get in to top notch gear like Orvis, Simms etc etc its personal preference. Im a Simms guy, just because the first I ever had were Simms and they lasted fine so no complaints.

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