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Thread: "possibles box"

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    I have seen the fly boxes, tippet holders, leader wallets, and all the clipper nipper, hangers. What do you keep your indicators, strike putty, weight putty,split shot, and anything else you may possibly need? I have been playing with a small compartment box but find it lacking.

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    Zip Lock bags seem to work well.


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    When I am on the water, I store that tuff when I am on the stream fishing it's even more simple than that. I use the flip out pouch on my waders or other pockets in jackets and shirts. Nippers and forceps are on a retractor and tippet spool hangs from a carabiner. Keeping this stuff in a box to carry to the water just adds unnecessary bulk. Zip lock bags are ideal for loose stuff, that's what I use in my tackle bag.
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    I keep all my leaders in the bags they came in. I store "working" leaders on the backside of the card that comes in the bag so I can tell them apart. the card keeps the bags stiff so the leaders don't bend. All the bags sit neatly, in size order in an inside vest pocket for when I need them. Another inside pocket contains my larger strike indicators. Tippet spools are stored in small, lower outside vest pockets. Strike putty and split shot have dedicated outside pockets. My clippers and hemos hang on a zinger from the front of my vest where they are quickly accessible.
    My keys go in my wader pouch where they can easily be grabbed on my way back to the car.

    Lately, I've been thinking about getting a lanyard for most of the aforementioned supplies to improve accessibility.

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    I made my own tippet spool holder from a piece of nylon rope and a faucet washer. I have a spool of twist-on lead on top of the stack of spools. I carry split shot (though I seldom use it anymore) and indicators (Lil' Corkies and toothpicks to peg them in place) in a small compartment box in a top pocket of my vest. I'd like to find something easier to handle than the box, too. I can see how easy it would be to bobble it and dump it all in the water.

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