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Thread: sage flight

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    is this rod any looking at a used sage flight for 180 dollers .do you think i should get it.if u had experience with this rod please tell me.thanks

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    I know nothing of the rod itself but when you mentioned it I thought I had seen it recently else where.
    And I did it is currently on "deals on the fly" for 205$ new.
    That is about all I know, on it.
    Sorry I am not of better help

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    I wouldnt pay 180 for a used one. Sage just discontinued it and they are 40-50% off at the fly shops new. They are nice rods, not anything like their higher end rods but very nice non-the-less. Im still thinking about picking up either the 10 or 12wt at the shop
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    When I bought mine a couple years back they were listed at $340.00 so I'd say $180 is a good deal. Mine is an 8wt, very nice looking fast action rod. I found it to be finished better than a Z axis I bought recently.

    edit: just noticed you said used; I agree with the post above that you can get a new one with warranty on closeout for close to that price.
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    I have one in a 8'6 5wt and its great. Loads very nicely and casts beautifully. Zips line out like nothing. I would definitely recommend one. Why spend spend a few hundred dollars on a rod when you can get away with spending a couple or less and still have a great casting rod.

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    i was thinking of geting a sage TXL 5 this rod any good

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    Sage doesn't to my knowledge make a TXL-F in a 5wt? The TXL was discontinued and the predecessor to the TXL and I don't believe that was available in a 5 weight either. I'm 99% sure the heaviest these rods have ever been made for was a 4wt.
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    If it's Sage you can pretty much assume it will be "good".

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    I love my sage flight. I have the 9 foot five weight. I find it to be a great fly rod at medium to long range. Excellent at punching flies into the wind. My only complaint is it feels kinda sloppy in short range and I lose accuracy.

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    I have 2 sage Flights, both 9ft 8wts. I bought the first one, used it for Steelhead and smallmouth bass. When fishing smallmouth I float Rivers in my small boat using either poppers or streamers. I ended up buying the 2nd one so I can have one loaded with poppers and the 2nd loaded with a streamer. Saves time switching flies.
    I am a relative newbie to fly fishing so keep that in mind.
    I love my Flights. I find I can shoot out long casts (60-70 ft) with decent sized flies, I am getting better at distance and accuracy with it.
    I recently bought a Z axis 9ft 9wt for king salmon and its was a beast to get used to it. Much harder than a flight. I am getting better at the z-axis but I never had the struggles with the flights that I do with the Z-axis. To get the same distance with the z I have to use hauls where I don't with the flight. I would guess the flight being a "softer" rod loads easier than a z. I may go to a 10 wt line on the z to improve my casting.

    My 2 cents.

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