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Thread: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    Somewhere around 1 bamboo, down from three, five fiberglass, down from 10 or 12, and 10 graphites down from 20 or so. So currently I own about 16 fly rods ranging from 3-12 weight and from high dollar to inexpensive as the cost matters less to me than does it's performance. As for other rods there's at least 30 or so of them ranging from ultra light to surf casting.  8088
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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    The short version, either 8 or 16. This is a community property state.

    Having owned, partnered in and managed fly shops for a quarter century, you could say I've owned a couple of thousand fly rods, at least until they sold. But I'm out of that game now.

    There's never been any separation anxiety where my fly gear is concerned. From the acquisition standpoint, I guess you could classify me as a fly fishing bulimic.
    Every few years I get on board with one series of fly rod that I find something about that I simply identify with, acquiring one or more of them and then after a few more years, I purge - without remorse.

    I've never considered any of the gear I've owned rare, fine collectables, just nice tools of the trade. Tools to be taken care of and used as frequently as possible, but not to be babied or worshiped.
    I donít think I've ever had more than twenty rods for my personal use at any one time and collectively, my wife and I now fish with something around sixteen rods. The majority of those now being Scott, Echo & Sage products.

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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    3 wt. 7'6" Redington CT
    5 wt. 9' Orvis Clearwater II
    7 wt. 8' g loomis ( i forget which model )

    7 wt. 9' TFO TICRx
    8 wt. 9' TFO TICRx
    TFO TICRx Overhead conversion kit for 7 and 8 wt TICRx (for above 2 rods)
    8 wt. 9' TFO Axiom
    8 wt. 9' TFO BVK
    8 wt. 9' Orvis Zero Gravity
    8 wt. 9' Sage RPLXi
    9 wt. 9' TFO BVK
    9 wt. 9' St Croix Legend Elite
    10 wt. 9' Orvis Zero Gravity

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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    Interesting thread. My wife and I just put our rods into a new location about 2 weeks ago and after a while I found myself describing the meriits of many of my rods to her; particularly after they reached a certain number.

    What I really need is one each of the following rods: 3 wt., 5 wt., 7 wt. and 9 wt. That covers 90+% of the fly fishing that I do (and that I'll probably ever do), and if I don't get in more fishing next season than I did this last one, then you can cut that number down to one 5 wt.

    Those 4 rods; taken from what I have now, would be:

    3 wt. - Tom Morgan Rodsmith. 7'9" graphite
    5 wt. - Sage X-Axis, 9'0" graphite
    7 wt. - Sage TCX, 9'0" graphite
    9 wt. - Scott SFS, 9'0" graphite

    Now, what I have is a somewhat larger number; pushin' 40 rods. But, hey, at least I'm still well below my age..............


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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    Total 8 rods

    1 wt. TFO Finesse
    3 wt. MHX Blank
    5 wt. Sage DSII
    2 ea. 5 wt. Generic Blanks
    6 wt. Generic Blank
    8 wt. TFO BVK

    I feel like a rookie after seeing others posts. Custon built 3, 5's, 6 wts. from MHX or generic blanks.
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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    4wt. Loop. My best dry fly rod. That's all it does good and it's a good Mexican Hat Dance rod.
    5wt. Orvis Helios. My favorite all-around rod. I can cast this thing better than I can shoot.
    5wt. Orvis Hydros. Second to my Helios and the,"wife is going to kill me for buying another rod" rod.
    5wt. Tova. I think she's Canadian with a hint of Spanish. Meaning, "she likes to launch things at me and gets mad when I duck" rod.
    6wt. Allen Xa. Gave me tendonidous rod and only catches fish with Wooly Buggers.
    6wt. GLoomis Pro4x. Aka the bug launcher. I could wipe out Al Qaeda with this thing. SEND ME IN!!
    6wt. Orvis Streamline. The, "I can't cast this very well/this rod sucks/maybe it's me" rod.
    8wt. Allen Xa. Las Chicas Grandes rod. If I went bar hopping on my Harley this would be my riding buddy, ... Rod.
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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    2 wt. Sage LL 279 - great for small creeks, high altitudes, tiny dries
    4 wt. Sage LL 4711 - medium-sized rivers, larger creeks, mostly dries
    5 wt. Sage SP 590 - my go-to dry fly rod in the river
    5 wt. Sage XP 590 - has been replaced by my Z-Axis as my "first one I grab", either going to be my smaller streamer rod or my wife's (found out that she's graduated from the LL>SP>? over the last few years, she cast my Z better than anything this past summer)
    5 wt. Sage Z-Axis 590- cant say enough about this rod, it's the one that goes everywhere , does everything and makes me feel like a Jedi when I cast it
    5 wt. Sage 599- great for heavy, multi-nymph rigs getting down and dirty, my first truly "specialty" purchase; great drift boat rod
    7wt. TFO BVK 790- bass, big streamers for trout, TX coast reds and trout, LA red rod backup
    8wt. Sage Xi2 890- my first salty rig, it was a gift so I splurged on a Tibor to match; my go-to, serious redfish machine, hopefully it will catch some bones soon

    Would like an inepensive 3 wt for hiking, my LL's are both 2 pieces
    "The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn't someone else's gift to you?" - Lee Wulff

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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    as of this week,
    i now own 2 rods

    Redington CT 763-4
    ORVIS Clearwater 905-4

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    Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    Time to confess:

    Ike Walton 6' 9" solid glass (first rod circa 1968)
    Scientific Angler 9' four piece graphite (loner rod)
    Lacrosse 9' 9 weight graphite (loner rod)
    Quarrow 9' seven weight 3 piece (2 of these)
    Grey's 9' 6" Platinum X seven weight
    Orvis 7'9" Far & Fine 5 Weight
    Orvis 9' 5 weight PM-10
    Lamiflex Graphite 6'3"
    Custom 7.5 foot 4 weight (unknown blank)
    Horricks & Ibottson Tonkin Prince 7' for a #5 line (flamed shafts, a nice rod)
    Orvis 8'6" Light Salmon bamboo circa 1964
    Orvis 8' custom build bamboo for a #6 by Ron White
    Orvis 6'6" custom Flea by Ron White
    Shouers 8'6" custom bamboo 3 piece 2 tip circa 1960
    Orvis Full Flex fiber glass 6'6" for 4-5-6 lines
    Orvis 9' 9 weight Silver Label
    LL Bean Streamlight 13' #8 Spey
    Hardy 13'9" Salmon Fly 1981 for a 800 grain line
    Winston 15' 10/11 uses an 875 grain line
    Winston 15' 7/8 using a Delta Long 720 grain

    Looks like 21, I am not sure if I have 2 Lami Glass rods in storage or not, storage is in Colorado Springs............. At any rate I have enough rods to go fishing with no matter where or for what or at least it seems so

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

  12. Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

    2 6' eagel claws purchased in the early 1970's
    1 8' cabellas 5wt
    1 9' tfo 5wt
    1 9' greys 4wt ----which i love

    "the ox is slow, but the earth is patience"

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