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Thread: Redington SALE

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    Default Redington SALE

    im always on the look out for good deals, while im not looking for a new rod from Redington at the moment, if anyone else is, there's a good sale (40-50% off) on their CPX rods in add different sized and they also have CT on there for $99, and they have 1 wader on sales (was 2 but 1 sold out)
    its a member only site, but anyone can join.

    just thought i'd share if anyone is looking for good deals
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    Default Re: Redington SALE

    solicting for invites is not allowed here i believe as you get a financial reward for people accepting/purchasing.
    The CT rods can be found cheaper else where also and with free shipping.

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    Default Re: Redington SALE

    not soliciting anything
    anyone can join, and i think now you dont even need an invite (when i joined it i needed to be invited, so thats why i offered, trust me , im not looking tomake money here)
    i only shared because seemed like there were some goods deals and i thought people could be interested.
    it would be a bummer if one really can't share such info with others

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    Default Re: Redington SALE

    you can share the info, but not say you will offer invites.

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    Default Re: Redington SALE

    gotcha, i can fix that.
    so there's a sale , and hope people take advantage of it

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