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  1. Default Coastal fishing rod

    I'd like to get an all-round rod for coastal fishing. I have several rods for specific stream fishing situations, which I'm relatively serious about, but this would be a rod for just "messing around" when I'm near the coast.

    I'm thinking of a switch rod so I can get some extra distance and experiment with Spey casting, which I've never done. I'm also thinking of a 10 or 11 wt. so I can toss some bigger flies. But I don't know if these are good ideas.

    Any suggestions?

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    I thik your idea about a 9 or 10wt has merit, and I don't want to chang your mind, but......

    Take a look at the TFO TiCrX 9' 4pc 8wt and their conversion kit to make it an 11' switch rod. The kit comes with a two-handed butt section and a new 2nd piece. You use the 9' tip section ant 2 middle sections. Its a pretty convenient sysytem. The TiCrx rod is real rocket launcher of a rod with plenty of butt strength for fighting fish. It is a pretty fast action rod, and is as saltwater proof as a rod can get.

    The other thing to think about is when you go to a longer rod (9' to 11'), because of the taper making the butt section thicker, the longer rod acts like one rod weight up. For instance using the 8wt conversion kit basically makes the 9' 8wt an effective 9wt rod. I also like to up-line my 9' 8wt TiCrX anyway.

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    Just for the sake of being precise....the conversion kit actually makes the rod an 11' 3" switch rod.

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