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  1. Question Share or keep secret

    If you tie up your own flies do you share the pattern(s) with others
    via picture & recipe list, or are there some flies that you don't share ?

    Put a little simplier : Do you have secret flies that you don't share ?

    I know that the fly Dad & I used for Bluegill was secret, but if someone
    asked, he would tell them what to use to make the fly, but 99.99% of the
    time those who asked just wanted the fly & he would not do that.

    I personally share my flies. I continue to teach others how to tie their
    own so that they can have that "joy" of catching fish with your creations.

    What about you, do you share ???

    Tie One On

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    For the most part I will share what info I can or what fly may be hot, but to answer your question more fully, yes I do have 3 patterns that are kept on the low down.
    On some of the heavier fished waters here in the west, sometimes you need an "Ace" or two up the sleeve.

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    I share always. I think we should do a fly swap get 12 guys to tie 12 of the same flys and trade them off so we each have 12 different flys from 12 different tyers. We could do a salt or freshwater swap. I am also in a local fly fishing club and we meet 2 saturdays a month (winter time) at a tackle shop and ty and swap flys and recipes and lots of fish stories. Fly guys seem a lot more willing to share, most bait guys have the if i tell you i got to kill you attitude.
    I don't always fly fish but when I do I prefer salt water. Stay salty my freinds

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    I do agree with you last statement. Bait guys...and I am one of them do get very tightlipped at times.

    Flyguys/gals tend to be more open about patterns and flies, but can be very quiet regarding honey holes.

    I will be happy to share a fly and the recipe. Most folks that I have encountered on the river will do the same.
    Our life is frittered away by details. Simplify, Simplify...


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    Hi to all,

    I share flies and fishing spots.

    I remember one time on a lake in the Talkeetna mountains. We came early morning and was leaving just before dark. The lake was remote and the only access was flying. We went to the inlet creek to fish a spot we knew about. Two guys were up in the creek fishing dry flies for Grayling. They had been dropped off and were staying at a cabin right on the bank. The creek had created a sand bar at the out flow and then it drooped off to about 15'. My two friends were spin fishing and I was fly fishing with a sink tip line with a weighted Burlap streamer. I would cast out and let it sink, sink, sink and then I would do a little lift and bang I had a big old Grayling. I did that about 5 times in a row and no one else had a bite. I caught the interest of the two fly fishers and they waded out to ask what fly I was using. They had only caught a few small Grayling. I showed them the fly and they were surprised that it was a big old streamer. They wanted to know what to try and I took a look at their flies. All they had was a bunch of dry flies and not much else. We were getting ready to leave so I sniped off my fly and gave it to one of them. He was real surprise that I gave him my secret fly. I would have gave them several but it was the last one I had with me. I don't know how they worked out who was going to use it.


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    if something works well why keep it a secret?

    frank you probably made those guys trip by "donating" that particular fly.

    I had a buddy of mine that was going to exuma bahamas for a week, and asked if i could whip up a few flies for his trip. so i tied up a few of my bonefish bunnies and gotchas for him. when i was sitting at the vise i came up with this shrimp looking thing that sort of resembled a gotcha and a shrimp, (if you squinted and the sun hit it just right). I gave it to him and asked to give me some feed back. there was one other guy on the charter with him both of them took turns on the pointy end. My buddy said that this pink furry-feathery thing had the bones jumping all over it. while the other fellow was using traditional bonefish patterns didnt catch anything.

    now my buddy wants more of them. (i just dont remember what the "recipe" was)
    Let us all share our wisdom with a younger generation. Tight Loops, Tight Lines and Good Fishing to All

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    I used to fish a little pond through the forest near my house, and i thought i was the only soul to know about it untill one day an older asian lady spotted me fly fishing. She came up to me and asked if i owned the property and when i told her "nope" she asked to join me. She had a fly rod too. So we talked a bit and exchanged a few flies. She was origionally from korea and moved here with her son then moved back to korea. She was visiting him, and said she took a walk one day and found "my secret pond".

    She had some strange flies, but they worked pretty well on the bluegill(then again they bite alost anything).

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