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    Default Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    I have a 10' 7wt rod that i broke the tip off of this summer. Only about 1 inch broke off. How much will this effect my roll cast and overhead cast? I put an eye at the end. This is my primary steelhead rod. My back up is a 9' 5 wt.... challenging, I'm on the fence about paying reddington 30$ to fix the rod plus i gotta pay initial shipping cost (I'm cheap I'm in college).

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    Default Re: Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    The rod might seem a little faster but you'll probably never notice the difference
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    Default Re: Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    I'm with RT on this one. Just 'one inch' isn't going to make much difference. 4 would make a heck of a difference..
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    Default Re: Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    1" won't make much of a difference. My first rod I built is 4" shorter ( another story...actually 3 or 4 stories) and it's still a fine rod. As RT stated it does make the rod a bit faster. 4" definitely does.


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    Default Re: Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    Before you repair it, I would contact Redington about the effect on the warranty if you do a home repair. What happens if you break the rod again? Will the home repair on the tip section void the remaining warranty?

    Some rod companies do not honor "lifetime" warranties if any repairs other than a factory repair has been done on the fly rod.


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    Default Re: Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    I think it would be worth it to have it fixed by Red. I assume you will get a whole new piece?
    You will never regret having a mint rod cause of 30 bucks. Just me humble opinion

    Thats just beer money for a night isn't it?
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    Default Re: Broken tip how much will it effect my cast

    I've done the exact same damage to two rods. Our local hardware store, and the local fly shop has extra line guides/tips. I just put a replacement tip on for under $5. They hot-glued it on both times. Minimal effect on casting as far as I can tell. My cabelas 9'5wt's is now a 8'9", and is a bit more 'snappy', but still a fun rod.
    If you've got 30$ and an extra rod to fish, getting a pro fix would be nice though. If I broke my new Scott A4 I would get it professionally fixed, but it is a much nicer rod.

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