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    Default Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    Hey, do any of you fish primarily or at least somewhat regularly with ultralight fly rods? I'm referring to 0-4 weight rods.

    I was told that a 5-6 is a good general purpose rod, and it definitely is. I like my 6 weight. That said, since much of my fishing is targeted toward panfish and (soon) small stream trout, it seems to me like a 6 weight is probably "doable", but a *bit stiff for some of the lighter tippets....particularly with trout. One guy told me that he wouldn't fish anything lighter than a 5 weight just due to casting distance and wind problems.

    Nevertheless, I was curious and decided to get one of those 3 weight combos from cabelas last weekend, and the thing is a blast! I don't notice a tremendous difference in casting it, though it feels a bit more "wispy". For the distances I cast, which are usually between 30-45 feet....both rods work just fine. Fighting bluegill with it is really a lot of fun, and it seems to absorb shock quite well with my 4-6 pound fluoro level leaders I like to use. Yep, I have some tapered leaders, but I like using just a strip of flies turn over just fine and it's a lot easier this I'm sticking with it. On a side note, though it's probably related more to the taper of the fly line rather than the weight of the fly line, this 3 weight actually roll casts further and with greater ease than my 6 weight.

    Just curious....that's all

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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    of all the rods i own my scott G2 3 wt is by far my favorite, medium action and is so delicate. I love fishing small flies alot so it works out great. Personally for most trout fishing i think a 3-4 wt is plenty, and makes the fishing so much fun. Although i consider ultralights to be 000-2 wt rods. Nice thread!

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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    I fish many small streams in NM and CO and do so with a 0 or 2wt rod. I love the feel and the weight of the rods as well as the excitement of hooking a 12-14 inch fish on a light rod. My grandsons also love to fish with the light weight tackle and are quite successful in this regard. Small dry fly fishing is just great.


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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    I love ultralight fly fishing, both for trout and panfish. I have a Sage SPL 8' 0wt, Scott G 8'8" 2wt and 3 3wts. I really like the Scott G for size 18 and smaller dries and soft hackles. Very smooth medium action that protects light tippets very well.

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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    A #4 rod, is my standard rod on my home river (Gallatin) I'd never use anything bigger. Figure the Gallatin, at the wider spots, is 50-60 feet.. and mostly narrower.

    For the bigger rivers (Yellowstone, Madison, Missouri, etc), where I might be mostly nymphing, I'll use the #6. Even on those, if I'm dry fly fishing some sort of mayfly hatch, I'd go with the #4,

    Like the above.. Ultralight would be at most a #2 and smaller, maybe #0 and smaller

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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    My two main freshwater rods are my 4wt TFO which is used for trout as well as largemouth bass. I cast tiny midges up to 2/0 deer hair flies with this rod and have caught bass up to 4lbs with it.

    Second is my 2wt Echo, I use this on small streams and bigger rivers that require tiny dry flies with perfect presentation.

    I don't fish streamers a whole lot but if I do, I usually use a 6wt with sink tip.

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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    I am having a 6'6" Rainshadow RX7 2wt wrapped up for me
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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    I love my 3wts. I had a 2wt bamboo in the smokies last year and it was stupendious. I wouldnt mind getting a 2wt or even a 0wt for tiny creeks.
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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    A DT line would help on roll casts. My close in work is always a 6'6" 3wt.
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    Default Re: Ultralight Fly Rodders out there?

    In the lower rod weights I like fiberglass. For small streams and pan fish I normally use a Scott F2 6'6" 3wt. I'm not sure which Cabela's 3 wt you are talking about, but the Cabela's Custom Glass rod in the 5'9" 3wt is a super fun stick that I would highly recommend. At 60 bucks you can't go wrong. A moderate size bluegill will feel like a giant, and a 10 inch trout will feel like a behemoth, nearly doubling the rod over. A fifty foot cast is pretty good with these short glass rods, it starts getting ugly much past that.


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