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Thread: Received my 9', 5wt BVK today

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    Default Received my 9', 5wt BVK today

    Didn't get to check it out till after dark ,,and in the house. Tip has good action, stiffer butt and mid section than my mid flex and slow action rods I'm used to. I see this being a bit faster and casting farther than any current rod I own. I was shooting for a rod to use on the small lakes from the bank and in my kayak. I think,,,at least I'm hoping, that this rod will fit the bill. Will let ya'll know after I cast it...might even get to fish it on New River this weekend for small-mouth. I will say,,for the money, it has excellent craftsmanship.

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    Default Re: Received my 9', 5wt BVK today

    I think that you got the rod that you were looking for.

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    Default Re: Received my 9', 5wt BVK today

    I think you'll love the rod! I have that exact same rod and think its the bees-knees. Find the sweet spot and you'll be able to rocket line with it.

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    Default Re: Received my 9', 5wt BVK today

    You will absolutely love that fly rod. Many good years!

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    Default Re: Received my 9', 5wt BVK today

    Congrats, give us a review after fishing it. I've the 8 wt. BVK and happy with it. I'm thinking about getting the 5 wt.

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