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Thread: soggy camera ?

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    Default soggy camera ?

    The weather around here has been awfully damp lately and I think the krap-cam must have gotten wet
    What do you think ?
    It's just a cheap POS so it could be something else altogether

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    Default Re: soggy camera ?

    I'm no expert Rip but took my regular camera on the boat Saturday. Conditions were damp to say the least and I noticed a slight glaze on many of the shots. Could just be my lousy photography skills.
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    Default Re: soggy camera ?

    I'm sure one of our photography-inclined members will be able to weigh in on this, but it looks like you may have some fine condensation under the lens causing the photos to overexpose and decreasing the camera's ability to focus on the subject?
    - A.J.

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    Default Re: soggy camera ?

    What AJ just said, Try the overnight in a bag of rice trick.

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    Default Re: soggy camera ?

    They look better than the pics I take!
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    Default Re: soggy camera ?

    Unless you've got a water proof camera very warm temps and high humidity can 'do that.' Extend the lens and then take the battery out of the camera and (bat flap open) cover it with dry white rice.

    Amazing how effective that is in pulling moisture out of electronics.

    Oh, camera's dry? Cook rice for dinner as the base for a good curried veggie-chicken dish. Don't forget to get a bottle of "Major Grey's Chutney." Just not the same without it.

    More 'withes' come to mind, but I'll let other's imagination run from here.

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    Default Re: soggy camera ?

    +1 for the rice great



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