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    Default Another thing I like about this forum

    As you can see, I'm fairly new to the forum. I keep finding things I like, some educational, some entertaining. Here is a simple thing I have come to enjoy: I find myself looking at the location of the posters and fishing vicariously on their waters. Some of the posts and pictures are so descriptive, I just can't help myself. Thanks for that.

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    .... you might want to add your own location. It helps all of us when answering your questions or understanding your experiences.

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    Default Re: Another thing I like about this forum


    I have to agree with Paul on the location thing. It is always nice to know if we are writing to an east or western fisherman. There is quite an array of people and places represented in the posting that we get here. it's always cool to see the home waters of the members.


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    Default Re: Another thing I like about this forum

    Yep, I knew that was coming as soon as I noticed I had no location posted. As of this moment, I'm in the East Bay of CA, so you won't be doing much vicarious fishing through me on home waters. We're looking for a cabin in the mountains, so I may have a more exciting location fishing-wise in the near future.

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    As well outlined above, location info can be darned helpful. But it can also be very helpful if you're planning a trip to another part of North America. Be that exchange via postings or PM's the information can be invaluable for someone traveling a long way. Even if that's just for a days fishing on a Family Vacation.

    Personally, lots of folks ask me about fishing on the Rogue River here in Southern Oregon .... I'll even tell them what 'rock to stand on.' I don't hesitate to tell them exactly where I think the fish are, or will be.

    Does it work? Yup .... most of the time, three'ish weeks back we had a mini-spey 'clave and a couple of the fellows wanted to drive up/down to Medford and fish 'before/after.' Between daybreak and 9ish in the morning both had landed two Steelhead on their fly rods.

    A good thing me thinks.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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