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    Default TFO Customer Service

    I just wanted to say thanks to TFO for some amazing customer service. I recently bought a new switch rod from them for my upcoming Steelhead trip. As luck would have it, it was broken on a separate trip a week ago and I thought that I would be without it. I called TFO and explained what happened and they told me to relax and send it in. To my amazement, they turned the rod around within 24 hours of receiving it and I now have my rod back in plenty of time for my trip to Oregon. As much as I love all of the Sage, Scott, and Orvis rods I have owned, I have never seen a warranty repair resolved so quickly.

    If you are ever on the fence and considering a TFO rod, rest assured that they will stand behind their products and take care of you should anything go wrong!

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    Default Re: TFO Customer Service

    TFO makes some really nice fly rods, and has the best customer service out there.

    Some will not buy a TFO because it doesn't come with a tube!
    I do not understand that line of thinking but to each his own.

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    Default Re: TFO Customer Service

    When I snapped my 4wt because I tripped and jammed it on a rock, they had it back to me within a week for $25 plus about $9 for the shipping. They really stand behind their product. Still......a tube would have been nice.

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    Default Re: TFO Customer Service

    +1 on the TFO customer service! I have had need of it a few times and they are always cordial, understanding, and it is always accomplished with alacrity.

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    Default Re: TFO Customer Service

    They have been good to me as well on the 2 occasions I've needed them with my BVK....I am testing them out again for the 3rd time.

    I really kinda wish I didn't have to
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