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    Default Wading boots Sizing question

    does anyone know how ORVIS wading boots run compared to other brands?
    today i went to ORVIS store, tried on their new Sonic waders and will be picking up a pair.
    at the same time i tried on pair of ORVIS River Guard Easy On boot.
    (in everyday skate shoes that i wear i've always been size 12)
    but in Orvis wading boots sz 11 is what fit the best.

    so while im set on buying their waders in store, for boots there tend to always be some good deals online and im not set on any 1 particular brand.
    so i want to be sure when i order them that they all fit similar?

    so would sz.11 in ORVIS boot be same as sz.11 in all other major brands?
    thank you

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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    Just like every other shoe/boot manufacturer out there, there will be some 12's that will fit you, some will run large, some smaller. You just have to try them on. Use your street shoe size and take it from there.
    I wear a 12 in street shoes/ boots, my Simms Riversheds are 13's, and I just got some Simms flats booties (for the kickboat to wear with hippers) and those are 14's. I also have a pair of Orvis brouges in 12.
    I also think the thickness of the wader foot can determine the boot size too.
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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    You should definitely bring your waders into Orvis (or they might have sample neo booties for trying on - I know Simms does at their "stores") and try on the the boots with them on, even if you do end up buying them online.

    Call Orvis and ask them - they have excellent service.
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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    yea i went to the store yesterday and tried some on
    which is where i found out that sz.11 fit me best,
    i think ill go to a local shop and try on few different brands

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    i got size 9 and with 2 pairs of thick socks and orvis wadders they were still huge, they run large. from my experince

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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    mojo's got it depends on the manufacturer...

    my street shoe size is 8.5-9

    my Cabela stocking foot wading boot is a 9 (a perfect fit)

    for wet wading: (with a pair of 2mm neoprene socks)
    my 1st pair of Korkers(v1.0) were a 8.
    my 2nd pair of korkers(v2.0) were a 9.
    Not sure of v3.0...I refuse to by any more Korkers...

    Try them before buying.


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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    Dont get hung up on the size. Get what fits. I know a lot of people who it seams like they have a psychological disorder when it comes to shoe/wading boot etc. They get it in their head that they are a size 11 in shoes/boot or whatever and they are adamant that is the only size they can get. If you are a size 11 and the 12's fit then get the 12's. If 10's fit get the 10's. If your going to buy online at least try on the ones you are looking at a store and get the correct sizing. Another thing to watch out for is not just the sizing but the opening of the boot you are buying. Wader booties make your foot bulkier and can bunch up. If the opening of your boot does not open very wide when you try to step in it will squish your foot and pull your toes tight regardless of if there is enough room for your foot to sit comfortably or not. Just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    If you're planning on fishing cold water, consider bringing thick socks to wear when you try on the boots. I purchased sz 10 SIMMS boots and find that my toes are cramped when I am up on the Salmon River in the heart of winter. While they fit great the rest of the year, they ended up being too small when it's cold.

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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    Many good points above. NEVER-EVER-NEVER EVER buy a pair of shoes (street/water/what-ever) with out trying them on before. On line? SPARE ME!

    Take your waders down with you (socks too) and try them on/walk around. Two minutes will tell you if the Puppy Hunts, or not. Street shoes/wading boots don't fit? You're in deep doo-doo 'PDQ.'

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    Default Re: Wading boots Sizing question

    I currently have wading boots from Simms, Patagonia, Orvis and Chota. I wear a size 12D street shoe and have found size 13s fit me best for use with waders. Suze 12 fit me best for wet wading. I think its hard to have one pair of boots that fit well for both wader and wet wading (even with the neoprene wading socks).

    All the advice above to try the boots with the waders and socks you plan on using before buying is absolutely correct.

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