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Thread: new into the sport

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    hey guys i am new to the sport of fly fishing and i was wondering if you guys could help me out. i have been looking at a couple of different rod and reel combos at bass pro but i cant figure out which one would be good for me. i am going to be doing alot of trout fishing with occasionally some bass. the guy told me that i would need a 6w rod about 9' or so long and a decent reel. what do you recommend? thanks

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    Well how much do you want to spend? If you have an open wallet then we can certainly help you out.
    Anyway, what kinda funds ya got?

    What other equipment do you have?

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    well i was looking at the redington rod and reel combo and its was only $100-125. i was hoping to stay under that for just starting out and all. what would you recommend? thanks

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    I guess what I should ask, "are you sure your gonna stick with this game? Have you flyfished enough to know your gonna be in for the long haul?

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    My recommendation would be to get a used rod and reel or purchase a new one in the range you are talking about ($100). That will let you try the sport and see how much you like it. If you get serious you should know that quality equipment will cost you. A good fly line alone is going to set you back perhaps $50. A decent reel is going to go for just shy of $100 etc.

    Better yet would be to borrow some gear from a friend. Even better would be to borrow gear from a friend and have him/her take you out. Good luck.

    (By the way, you are going to love fly fishing!)

    Mark Waldin
    Custom Fly Rod

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    Like others have said, it all depends on your financial situation. In my honest opinion (and financial situation), I wouldn't spend to much on my first combo unless I knew I was going to stick with the sport. I have lots of friends with nice $100-$200 rods collectin dust out of frustration for the sport.

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    It will depend more on how much free time you have as opposed to whether or not you'll like it, it's way too much fun not to love. If you have a lot of free time to fish, I would invest as much as possible. If you have limited free time and might only get out a dozen times a year, I would go less expensive.

    I am new to the sport as well, (6 mo) and I dropped $300 before I got out the door (and trust me, I thought that was a fortune, but it was well worth it in hindsight). That was Rod, Reel, Line, Backing, Leader, Tippet, and a dozen flies. I got my stuff at a local fly shop and the setup came with a few free casting and knot tying lessons. A fly shop will be more often than not, more helpful than one of the larger outdoor chains. I think I spent $130 on the rod, $80 on the reel, $35 on the line, and $30 on leaders, flies, and tippet. It also gives you a resource for info. If you continue to patronize that shop with business on flies, leaders and other accessories, and they are usually really anxious to give you information to help you catch fish.

    Most fly shops are not going to carry the bottom of the barrell equipment, so you can be pretty confident you're not going to buy "junk"

    Best of luck!!

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    I'm new to the sport too and I was in the same position after Christmas. I had family give me a lot of the little things (flies, vest, boxes, etc.), but then they also got me gift cards to Dick's Sporting Goods and to Cabelas. I learned really quick that a sporting goods store doesn't carry much of anything very good. I picked up a few flies and that, but ended up spending most of it on thermal socks and stuff to wear in my waders. I then went to Cabelas and picked up one of their starter combos (Genesis, I think it was called) for around $150 or so, which was rod, reel, rod case, line, backing, 3 leaders and a chest pack. I'll be fishing for steelhead trout, so I researched that and most said to get no less than an 8wt. 9ft. rod, so that's the combo I got. I also went ahead and purchased a decent pair of waders and wading boots, for about $100. I really liked that Cabelas includes a rod case with all of their combos.

    I'll probably be able to get out 10-20 times in the spring time, and maybe a handful other times.

    Hope that helps. Good luck! (Now I'm in the predicament of do I buy a vise and materials to tie my own flies!)

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    i appreciate all of your guys help. hopefully i will be able to hit the streams this year and catch me some trout! i also have another question to the folks living near nashville,tn. i was wondering if you could fill me in on the hot spots to gish around here for trout. within an hour or so. thanks again!

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