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Thread: Repairing a reel

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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Repairing a reel

    Hi, I have this reel -

    I noticed the other day that one of the 2 little screws on that central cap there has fallen out. The reel still works, but I'd like to replace the screw and/or contrive some other way to fix the problem. I contacted Bass Pro and was relayed to their repair department, which has no email or phone information. It just has a letter to fill out for people who are intending to mail something off and get it repaired....which is obviously not what I'm looking to do.

    Anyone ever had this happen and figure out a solution?


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    Default Re: Repairing a reel

    If you would like to order parts directly from us, you can call us at (417) 873-5274 Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Was that the number that you tried?

    If you have a quality hardware store with a wide selection of machine screws, you may be able to repair the reel yourself.

    Did you save the information page that came with the reel? It may be hit or miss, but some information pages come with a parts diagram.

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    Default Re: Repairing a reel

    Ten to one that the screws are metric. Take the reel to your local hardware and look thru thier screw assortment. They will probably even help you do so. Ace would be a good place to start. If that fails, if you have a fastenall store in your area I bet they will fix you up. Buy a couple of extras while you are there. When you replace the screws put a drop of head cement on the threads before inserting.

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    Default Re: Repairing a reel

    My first choice would be what Dennis advised - the schematic and part list that came with the reel.

    Generally once we get into the tiny screws that hold a fly reel together your local Hardware Store isn't going to have what you need. (way too small) If I were facing the same dilemma I would contact a hobby shop and if they didn't have a selection of tiny screws they may well be able to point you to a source. The only other place I can think of would be a computer & electronics repair shop. Every small appliance I've ever taken apart had a wide array of sizes of tiny screws involved. Take the remaining screw with or the reel because while you may find the right diameter and pitch on threads the length will be an issue also.

    Good luck,


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    Default Re: Repairing a reel

    Yes, I lost a screw out of a Redington reel I have. I called them and they mailed me two at no charge.

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    Default Re: Repairing a reel

    Quote Originally Posted by turbineblade View Post
    Hi, I have this reel -


    Anyone ever had this happen and figure out a solution?

    I would look to the RadioShacks/hobby shops for the screws..If BP can't get you the maybe out of luck. Unless BP can tell you who make their reels and you can contact them direct...
    I had this problem with a Martin Mohawk Fly Reel a few years back. Which is now owned by Zebco. My son lost the reel handle. I tried to get the reel handle with parts from Martin/Zebco. They would not sell me the separate parts because they did not sell parts... but they would sell me a new spool. I asked them how much for the spool? They told me they would sell one direct to me for $6.00! That's right $6! I don't think you could find the parts for that.
    I told the gal on the phone that and she said...'That's the price and we will pay the shipping!' I got the reel spool.
    Later digging around I found that some of my gunsmith scope srews fit the reel. So there is another option. Check the machine screws from Brownells etc.
    Good luck,


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